Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator Review

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Vornado 660 is a room air circulator capable of distributing complete air circulation in a big sized room. By upgrading the model of Vornado 460 & 560, Vornado 660 has become more efficient. In fact, it has embedded Vortex technology to offer perfect air circulation with blades that are deep-pitched to distribute air up to a distance of 100 feet. 

The incredible chrome glide bar offers complete regulation over airflow with a 4-speed setting. It is not as noisy as other brands, and is ideal for winter use or even if you have AC at home. It can be installed near an open door or window, which amplifies its efficiency to absorb the cool air in and distribute it all over the room. 

This review of Vornado 660 will cut it short and help you understand why is this air circulator a favorite for many users.

Vortex Action in whole room


The Vortex technology embedded in the Vornado air circulator fan is effective in distributing the air within the whole room evenly. There is a distinct airflow pattern built using this technology that moves the air rapidly. And the best part is that you won’t have to come where the airflow path is, you will stay chill wherever you are because Vornado 660 helps distribute the air in the whole room.

With the help of ceiling pathways and walls, the Vornado 660 ensures air circulation to each and every corner of your room no matter what furniture you have. You will get cool air circulated, and maximum cooling levels are maintained for you to experience the cooling effect.

Range of Speed Setting

You get changeable speed settings such as:

  • Changeable speed drives;
  • Versatile frequency drives;
  • Convertible frequency drives.

All the above settings adhere to the necessary standards of other devices. The model also has a combination of drive and AC motor and also drives + DC motor. The speed settings are specially designed to enable smooth adjustability to regulate the speed of the blades, and these settings range from whisper-quiet to turbo. You can use the controls to make the process easier, and you can find the controls right towards the top of the Vornado air circulator.

Pros of Vornado 660

Ability to Tilt

The best thing about Vornado 660 is its tilt ability in both horizontal and vertical positions smoothly inside the chrome glide; air spins faster due to vortex technology so that the air can cover maximum area. The Vornado 660 can easily regulate the airflow direction because of its efficiency to tilt up by chrome glide up to 90 degrees.

Sturdy Spiral Grill

The Vornado 660m comprises a sturdy spiral grill that improves the airflow helping air to move to longer distances. It accompanies a special feature known as a twist feature that presents a spiral effect letting the air go up to each and every corner in the room. The grill is removable so that you can clean the blades easily. 



Encompassed Air Duct

The Vornado 660 whole room air circulator has deep pitch blades that are encompassed inside a cylindrical duct that basically shapes air into a column of high velocity. The column smashes through cold & hot areas smoothly to regulate the temperature balance.

Energy Expenditure

The motor of Vornado 660 is strong enough to spin its blades at a higher velocity by utilizing minimal energy. At lower speed, it consumes 43 watts, while at medium speed, the energy consumption is 50 watts, and at high speed, it is 53 watts, plus the input voltage is 110V AC.  It indeed helps you save energy and also save money spent on energy bills.


The blades Vornado 660 air circulator & motor are engineered to resist different temperature conditions. They are highly durable and are environment friendly.

Cons of Vornado 660

Not Easy to Assemble

As compared to other products in competition, Vornado 660 is not easy to assemble post-cleaning. Also, you will find it difficult to detach the back cover, and then clean blades present along with the covers and reassemble it again; this could be a daunting task for you.


Like many other traditional fans, Vornado 660 is also a little bit noisy, and when you increase the speed, you may notice an increase in noise too; thus, it is not recommended that you install it in your bedroom or any other area where you relax.

Warranty period

The Vornado 660 has a 5-year warranty wherein you get warranty for replacement of parts, damage repairs, or any related defects associated with the errors of the manufacturer.

The air circulator is ideal for indoor use, especially in places like homes, offices, etc. It is a wonderful fan that mixes the cooler air and hotter air, which results in a peaceful and cool temperature inside your room. It works well with air conditioner and also helps cool any room in less time. So, when you are inside your room, you know that you will get a cooling effect because of this air circulator, and no matter where you are seated, you will experience a cool breeze instantly. It can be a little noisy, still worth investing in.

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No fan is perfect, even with the above-mentioned cons, Vornado 660 contains major features and pros that will offer you the comfort you’re looking for. That is said, this Vornado 660 stands out from the rest of other brands. None of the products can be 100% perfect; still, this model promises durability, vortex technology, energy efficiency, and wonderful performance that can give you the cooling experience long for.