Vornado Duo Tower Circulator Review


The Vornado duo tower circulator is a product of the Vornado tower fan range built for average-sized households and bedroom use. The primary distinction between the Vornado tower fan in comparison with ordinary pedestal and ceiling fans is its ergonomic design and engineering V-Flow technology, which helps drastically improve air circulation across the entire room. Its powerful motor is capable of producing air movement of up to 50 feet for higher range models of the series.

The primary purpose of this review is to highlight the distinguishing factors which make the Vornado tower circulator an ideal product, as well as point out the situations where it’s highly recommendable to use it. 

This review has been created specifically for the Vornado duo tower circulator; however, it shall also correlate to similar products in its category.

Conventional Fans Vs. Vornado Duo Tower


Conventional fans used in households and industries alike are designed to provide constant air flow in a given direction to which the appliance is being faced to. This often leads to issues wherein airflow towards a considerably larger room would be heavily restricted towards a given direction only. However, the Vornado duo tower circulator aims to solve this issue with its V-Flow circulation. This technology provides it with the ability to circulate air across the entire room more efficiently and effortlessly compared to the conventional fans in the market. 

It also comes with a one-button design that has been made specifically to allow the user to select the 4 fan speed settings of the circulator rather easily. This feature is not specific to this base model but is available on other models as well.

Another distinct advantage of the Vornado tower circulator in comparison to its conventional counterparts is that it offers ultra-quiet operation and comes backed up with a 5-year limited warranty. 

Now you know why you should choose the Vornado Duo Tower instead of a conventional fan. But that’s not all this upgraded fan got, read on to see more interesting features and also few drawbacks that you need to keep in mind before your purchase.

V-Flow Technology

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The key reason for the Vornado tower fan to provide much wider airflow on a constant basis is due to the fact that the conventional tower fans tend to oscillate while distributing air to a narrow range, which often makes the surrounding environment to receive airflow only seconds at a time.


The Vornado tower fan, on the other hand, actually circulates air to a wider range constantly to provide optimum comfort for all occupants and appliances at all times.

The reason the Vornado tower fan has this competitive advantage over its conventional counterparts is because it has not been fitted with an oscillator, rather it uses a circulator which gives it the ability to curve the air which would be otherwise expelled to a wide angle across the entire room simultaneously rather than hitting each occupant for a fraction of a second. Its sleek and trendy design also gives it a more modern look and doesn’t require as much space in the room as conventional fans do.

With this V-Flow technology, Vornado Tower Circulator does not require an oscillator and can operate at a much quieter pace as conventional fans. However, as the device does not oscillate, it’s important that it’s placed at the correct section of the room in order to get the maximum airflow throughout the entire area.

Yet another unique feature of the Vornado tower fan is that the V-Flow technology gives it the ability to even circulate air behind the device as well, which isn’t something prevalent in conventional pedestal or tower fans of the past.

Ideal For Small to Mid-sized Rooms

This product is ideal for a small to a mid-sized room, mainly because of its technological advancement in being able to direct airflow to a distance of 50 feet or more for higher range models. If you are looking for a fan for your desk or your bedroom, this one is the perfect fit. It will cool you off without taking so much space.  

Voltage Requirements

The device’s operating voltage is 120V and offers an RPM of up to 1450 at its highest speed settings. The product is designed specifically to suit the US Voltage requirements and has also been safety tested and certified to be used only within the US.

Although this base model does not come with a remote controller, it does come with a 2 pin polarized power cord, which is 6 feet in length. It consumes only 32 watts of electricity at 60 Hz, which is considerably less than a conventional pedestal or ceiling fan used at homes.


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Vornado Duo Tower Drawbacks

On the flip side, there are a couple of considerations that should be noted when choosing the Vornado tower circulator as it does not come with a remote controller and is not wall mountable. 

Also, it tends to be a bit noisy when operating at higher speeds. Nevertheless, this isn’t a major issue as the benefits which it provides outweigh the drawbacks of the device, especially its ergonomic design, which helps it provide an even and constant airflow at all times.

In spite of the fact that some users complained about its noise levels when operating at higher speeds, you should also note that the device does not wobble or require any furniture to be rearranged as it does not oscillate, therefore in comparison with other tower fans in the market and conventional pedestal and ceiling fans this makes a perfect compromise to provide a smooth flow of air for the entire room or living area at an ultra-low and affordable price tag.

Nevertheless, and due to its unique airflow technology, those who are close to the device may not necessarily be able to get its breeze, as it aims to direct the flow of air across the very ends of the room.

Final Verdict

There is no need to think further. This device, with its multiple features, will provide you with the comfort and cooling experience you are seeking. And the best part is that the technology used in the Vornado tower fan is backed up with a 5-year warranty. This will give you total satisfaction and peace of mind as all repairs and replacements would be made for the product during the warranty period, as long as the product is used within the US market.

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