Best Vornado Fans Reviewed

When it comes to household fans, Vornado has undoubtedly earned its name amongst the best fans in the market. This post aims to highlight the best Vornado fans, which are highly suitable for residential and business use. 

One of the reasons which make Vornado fans stand out is its technological advancement in V-Flow technology. This gives these fans the ability to circulate air across the entire room constantly to cover a large surface area as compared to traditional stand fans, conventional pedestal, and ceiling fans.

The V-Flow technology works by distributing air through circulation over oscillation, and as a result of this, it does not require a traditional oscillator in order to pass air across each section of the room. This technology also gives the fan the ability to even pass a considerable amount of air to the back of the device as well, something which conventional fans are not capable of achieving. 

Vornado has several base models and variants of its tower fan series, each designed specifically to meet a target market and consumer need. However, this post on Vornado fans reviews aims mainly to discuss the leading fans of the Vornado series and put them to the test to identify their suitable and applicable usages for different consumer needs.

Vornado 154 Tower Circulator

Vornado 154
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This is one of the base models of Vornado fans when it comes to the Tower Circulator series. It features several key benefits that a potential user may find useful when operating the device. It is a large product with a height of 32 inches that gives it the opportunity to direct airflow up to a distance of 80 feet, which makes it an ideal choice for almost any household usage and even business use. However, on the flip side, many consumers who have purchased this product often complain about the fact that although it comes with a remote controller, it only works when you are within 2 feet away from the device

Another drawback to this fan is the bright lighting. Some of those who have used this in their bedroom at night complain that the light of the controls is too bright, and it needs to be covered in order to have a peaceful dark room. Nevertheless, this is not a major concern for those who care not about ambient lighting, as it wouldn’t necessarily have a noticeable effect. 

As this device also comes with an in-built timer function for up to 8 hours, it gives the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep without worrying over annoying alarms, especially for those who cannot sleep without the air conditioner or fan. This is a great must-have feature to be sought after. Its sturdy base gives it extra support and wouldn’t easily topple even when waking up in the middle of the night without any lighting around.

Vornado 184 Tower Air Circulator

Vornado 184 Tower air circulator
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This Vornado tower circulator fan also comes with a remote controller and is capable of passing air up to a distance of 100 feet due to its larger 41-inch height; it would certainly help improve the airflow across the entire room. 

Its sturdy base and 8-hour timer is a great feature which is rather useful to the avid sleeper as it ensures that one may not just have to rely on pesky alarm clocks alone in order to be up early for the work in the morning.

Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan

Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan
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This compact fan of the Vornado series is a miniature circulator fan capable of providing a constant airflow of up to 25 feet with a speed setting of 2 variations. Unlike its bigger counterparts, it doesn’t use the V-Flow technology; rather, it uses Vortex technology to distribute air evenly across the room. 

However, the technology is more or less the same across the Vornado air circulator series. The device is easy to be cleaned and only consumes 25 watts of electricity and is ideal to be used in the bathroom and even on an office desk.

Vornado Duo Small Room Tower Air Circulator Fan

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This is one of the best Vornado fans of the tower series, which is ideally recommendable for small rooms and larger bathrooms as it has the ability to direct airflow to a distance of up to 50 feet with a speed control setting of 4 variations. It consumes only 32 watts of electricity, and in terms of positioning and stability, the device could easily be kept either horizontally or vertically according to user needs. 

The device is also consistently quiet in comparison to its counterparts, and as it’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty, it’s certainly a great choice one could make when picking an air circulator for home. 

The only drawback of this model, as in other tower air circulators, is that if it tends to rattle at low speeds. It may need to be vacuumed in order to clean out any dust or residue which may accumulate inside it.

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Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

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This is a larger variant of the Vornado air circulator series, as it’s capable of providing a constant multi-directional airflow to a distance of 70 feet and offers 3-speed control variations as well. Although this variant is more powerful than other Vornado models, It has some usability issues. As it has 3 screws inserted inside a narrow hole, when it comes to cleaning the device, it requires a rather long screwdriver to be taken apart. 

Apart from that, certain users also complain about noise levels when using the device in their bedroom at night, but it’s a negligible factor unless you’re easily disturbed and woken up by the slightest squeak.

Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Vintage White

Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator Fan, White2

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This vintage floor fan of the Vornado air circulator series is a great add-on to a newly refurbished bedroom as it gives it a rustic charm. Its durable metal construction and 3-speed setting make it the perfect air circulator for one to have in their room. 

However, in comparison with other small fans of the Vornado series, this one does not necessarily distribute air to a wide range, as most users often complain that it’s only capable of distributing a constant airflow within around 3 feet from the device. 

Therefore, for those who require an ultra-quiet air circulator and do not necessarily need to place the device far apart from their bed, this is certainly a great pick that solves their needs perfectly.

Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with Adjustable Height

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This is a large stand air circulator that comes with 3-speed control and offers air distribution of up to 100 feet, making it the perfect choice for large bedrooms, living areas, lounges, offices, etc. Its height is freely adjustable between 28 to 40 inches, and it also comes with a 5-year warranty as all other Vornado air circulators in the range. 

One of the key benefits which most consumers of this fan have reported is that it provides an efficient airflow to cool down the entire room even on a hot summer day. However, there have been certain negative feedbacks about this product, wherein they stated that the stand isn’t as stable as they thought it would be. 

Nevertheless, this is a great investment to make when choosing an air circulator for personal and corporate usage levels.

Vornado 683 Medium Pedestal Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

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Although this is a medium-sized pedestal air circulator, it’s actually one of the best Vornado fans to choose from if you are content with 3-speed control and a height adjustment of between 32 to 38 feet. It offers a multi-directional airflow of up to 75 feet and has a much more stable stand than the Vornado 783. Based on its form and technical specifications, this sort of fan is suitable for almost any type of environment, including bedrooms, kitchens, living and dining areas, office spaces, etc.

Comparison between vornado 154 and 184

Vornado 154 (2)Difference between Vornado 184

When looking into the top-rated Vornado fans, the Vornado 154 and Vornado 184 are certainly two distinct products of the series which offer maximum value for money and customer satisfaction. Both fans come coupled with a remote controller, which allows easy access to change the speed between 3-speed variations from a distance. 

However, there are claims from consumers of this product that the remote only works when it’s operated within 2 feet from the device, which certainly isn’t a useful feature to have even in an average-sized bedroom. 

Another issue which users of the Vornado 154 have pointed out is that the ambient lighting of the controls in the air circulator fan is too bright at night, and they need to get the switch controls covered to reduce the illumination in the room at night. Although there no similar complaints about Vornado 184, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have bright controls on the device. Nevertheless, this isn’t a major issue unless one is a light-sleeper and needs total darkness and quietness of a church mouse in order to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

These fans are also the perfect choice for cooling off on a hot summer day as opposed to conventional pedestal fans, which blows air directly on to one’s face. Due to the V-Flow technology incorporated into Vornado tower fans, they circulate a constant flow of air across the entire room and help cool down the whole place within a short period of time.

In terms of airflow distance, Vornado 154 is capable of distributing air up to a distance of 80 feet, while the Vornado 184 is able to do so up to 100 feet as it is also longer with 41 inches, while the former has a height of 32 inches. Both fans come with an 8-hour timer included, but for some apparent reason, they only allow to be set between 1,2,4 and 8-hour intervals, thereby making it impossible to set the timer for 5,6 or even 7 hours.

Yet another key advantage which both of these fans offer is that because they do not have an oscillator, there is no tendency for it to wobble or require the furniture in the room to be rearranged in order to avoid swiveling. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to keep the fans at least 6 inches from the walls or other surfaces to make sure that it gets sufficient intake of air, which is needed to push it throughout and circulate the room. 

Cleaning off internal parts could easily be done using a vacuum cleaner on the front and rear grille vents of the fans as they do not have any removable air filters or user-serviceable parts.

The Verdict of the Comparison

Therefore when deciding between the best Vornado fans, it could be stated that Vornado 154 is highly suitable for average-sized bedrooms due to its sturdy base, 8-hour timer, and 80 feet of air circulation. The Vornado 184, on the other hand, is recommended for larger bedrooms or living areas, which may require a bit larger air circulation of up to 100 feet without compromising on other details.

More About Vornado

Customer support of Vornado is excellent as they offer email, phone, and even live chat assistance to customers. Their representatives are highly responsive and courteous to customer complaints. They also provide user manuals for each of their products in the respective product pages of their corporate website, and for those who wish to know more about the Vornado tower fan could see related queries and answers in the FAQ section of their official website. 

Unlike the one-year warranty that other products in a similar range in the market provide, all Vornado fans come with a 5-year warranty period. There is no reason for a potential customer to doubt the reliability and service they could expect to gain from any of the best Vornado fans. 

In summary, in addition to their compact and space-saving design, the best Vornado fans are certainly a great investment, which anyone could make when picking an air circulator for their home.

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