Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan Review  


Most people, nowadays, are really careful and curious while buying things. Especially, the products which are new to them. This also includes products they don’t know about or they have just heard of from their relatives, friends or family. Inspired by them, they really want to try out the product or they themselves are attracted by the features that a certain product has to offer. However, one thing which exists unintentionally between these shopping plans is the interest or the money of consumer which is at stake. These things make the consumer question more and worry about the product. Customers want to make sure that, before they get their hands on the product, they have enough evidence to know that they have spent their money on the right product.

Today, the product which we are going to review is Lasko 2551. Before making a decision on whether to buy Lasko 2551 fan or not, one should go through different reviews about the product to get a wider perspective regarding the machine. After reading the article containing information about the tallest tower fan, there are chances that it would change your mind.

Talking about Lasko 2551, this product has both negative and positive elements. This tallest tower fan portrays a sense of sophistication and class which we can’t find in other product series, in its league. It is also inclusive of an ionizer which helps in producing sufficient amount of air and the design of this fan boosts the ambiance of your household.

To answer this question clearly and plainly here are some considerable points with reference to Lasko 2551. The majority number of people just want to improve the amount and quality of air in their homes. While others want to purify their homes form dust and all kinds of allergies which we may catch because of dirty air. Lasko cooling fan is a product which makes it possible for the people to have their homes filled with clean air. Following are some pros and cons of the tallest tower fan. After going through the information you can decide whether you want to buy it or not.

The ProsLasko-Wind-Curve-Fan-with-Fresh-Air-Ionizer-42-Inch-Silver-25512 3

  • Firstly, it is made of a strong plastic material which is durable and easy to handle, as well.
  • It generates a great amount of airflow. It is very competent in producing, circling and the cooling of air.
  • This tallest tower fan rotates up to 90 degrees, so that each corner or space in the room is covered.
  • In addition to this, the ionizer attached to the device is a very attractive and beneficial characteristic. Moreover, these fans would fit in great with your home’s beautiful interior.
  • Most of the time the air which is trapped in our homes or in different areas of our home is no good and also has an unpleasant smell. The moment Lasko cooling fan is switched on we can sense and feel a significant change in the odor of the room.
  • Due to its tower fan wattage,gradually, all the bad smell diminishes from the room.
  • The remote makes it way easier and convenient for the customers to use this device in a more efficient and effective way. Most of the products are operated through remote controllers nowadays.
  • This tallest cooling fan Lasko 2551 is quite light in weight and easy to handle. It is portable and you can move it around in the entire house, very easily.
  • Moreover, because of the remote, we can put this device near our bed or on the side table and at any point of the day or night we can easily turn it on or switch it off with the remote.
  • There are three variable buttons to adjust the speed of the fan. Its tower fan wattage is adjustable and maintains a balanced use of electricity and keeps your energy bills low.
  • It has a time-frequency manager, as well. We can set any time limit In between, starting from minimum of 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours maximum. So, whenever cooling exceeds the preferred limit, the machine would automatically shut down according to the timer.
  • In comparison to other Lasko 2551 fans, this one makes no noise as well. It makes a little more noise than other fans with frequency of 67db which does not disturb your hearing ability or irritates you.
  • The fan weighs 13 pounds .Although this weight is a little more than the standard limit.  This weight enables the fan to stand still and stable on the floor and it does not fall over or move easily.

The Cons

Coming towards the other side of Lasko 2551 wind curve fan there are some areas that requires some improvisation.

  • Firstly, the LED light fixed on the fan is too bright. This might be a problematic thing. The extreme roughness of the light also makes it impossible to sleep at night when switched on in the room. So, to avoid this you can put a piece of black paper or cloth on the light so that brightness is eliminated and you can have a nice sleep. Especially for the people who are used to sleeping in a pitch dark room.
  • It’s a fact that almost all of us want to work as cost minimizers. For many of you, the price might be a problem.   However, once you get to see the Lasko cooling fan and its functions, you would surely be convinced to afford the price.
  • Now for most of us who are planning to try the product, we might ponder over one thing that ionizer on fan what does it do?If they are not aware of the importance of an ionizer, it might seem an extra cost to them. However, once they learn about the ionizer, they would feel the difference and will be satisfied with the product.
  • Another problem which you all might come across is that the remote range is quite limited. So, suppose if you are sitting in one room and the fan is placed in another room, you won’t be able to operate it optimally. However if you are in the same roomas the fan, there won’t be any problem in making it work with the remote control.


compressed-Lasko-Wind-Curve-Fan-with-Fresh-Air-Ionizer-42-Inch-Silver-25512 3
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There are many things which we may like or dislike about a product. Talking individually about the Lasko 2551 fan, there are some problems with it. These problems are minor annoyances as compared to the several benefit that this product has to offer.

It is a stylish and durable piece of machinery which has earned several good reviews. If your budget is not too high and you are looking for something reliable in less money this is a perfect match. Along with this you would also receive an industry standard one year warranty. So, if the device starts creating problems, you can get it fixed.

Some Points To Note

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If you need phone support, Lasko has a phone and email customer support available as well. It also has links for the users to download and get every product’s manual before they start using it. Furthermore we may come across this fact that Lasko 2551 does not have the biggest output amongst other fans in terms of sail but it always manages to maintain satisfactory sale statistics in the long run. As far as assembling is concerned for the fan, all you need is a head screwdriver to fix 6 screws. Two for the base and four to fix the body together. There’s a meager tab on the bottom of the unit which has to coordinate with the base, but there are no little tricks to assembling the fan.

These are all the important points about the tallest tower fan. So, make sure you go through this thoroughly, in order to make the right decision of buying the Lasko 2551 fan. You can also shop for it online and within a defined time limit the product would be at your doorsteps. This machine works miraculously and you won’t have to suffer any more in the hot rooms of your home and spoil your mood. This machine would make you feel relaxed and happy, when both the ionizer and fan would start working simultaneously and fix everything. In addition to this as observed there is an overwhelming response from the customers. After buying and using this product. It’s no surprise that consumers are happy to purchase this reliable fan. It can be further justified by the fact that once people start using this fan they agree to a fact that you pay the price and the quality deserves it including, favorable ratings as well. You all should prefer going through this review and gain more knowledge about Lasko 2551 to get the best. Do detailed research so that once you spend your amount on such products you don’t have to face any kind of disappointment later on.

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