Honeywell HY-048Bp Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review


There are really hot days when you sweat even sitting down doing nothing, you feel that your skin gets sticky and you can even get upset as a byproduct of the heat. These days are really uncomfortable and although they’re pretty normal in hot cities, they appear in all cities when the summer comes.

In that situation, people typically make use of an air conditioner, to try cooling down a room or the entire house, and avoid the heat. But the reality is that an air conditioner is not the most optimal way of doing this. An air conditioner is pretty expensive and consumes lots of power; there are better options, like the Honeywell fresh breeze tower fan with remote control hy-048bp.

A device like the Honeywell tower fan hy 048bp comes real handy in those really hot days of the summer, or if you live in a hot city. The Honeywell fresh breeze hy 048bp is an oscillating tower fan designed to give you a fresh cool breeze in an easy and practical way.

Honeywell Tower Fan

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The Honeywell tower fan with remote control, as its name implies is a tower fan, which was designed as a device which purpose is cooling down a small room or den, in an easy, practical and most importantly, cheap way. Because the Honeywell tower fan is not only cheaper than a conventional air conditioner, but it also consumes less electricity, which makes us save money in the long run.

Also, an air conditioner only has one function and becomes useless in other scenarios. In the winter, an air conditioner can’t help us in any kind of situation. But the Honeywell fresh breeze tower fan can come handy in a variety of scenarios when we need a source of flowing air in certain rooms, an aid in handiwork or whatever reason we may have to make use of an oscillating tower fan, which is way more practical than an air conditioner.

Since the Honeywell tower fan is portable and easy to carry away it also beats the air conditioner if we need a moving source of cool air. It can be switched from room to room, and we can even use it in situations like camping. The overall practicality of the Honeywell hy-048bp fresh breeze tower fan with remote control  makes it a better choice than an air conditioner in many of scenarios; of course, there always exists the rare exception.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Characteristics

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We have understood the use and importance of a device like the Honeywell tower fan with remote control, but now let’s go into its details and characteristics.

Let’s start with the most important feature in a device of this nature, its temperature control. The Honeywell hy-048bp can be set to any temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has three speeds for the fan, which can be used to distribute the air more quickly or slowly. The fan also has the ability to oscillate, giving us an extra help in the distribution of air throughout the room.

A feature that supports its temperature control is the programmable thermostat, which can be programmed to shut off the Honeywell tower in intervals of 2, 4 or even 8 hours. All of this can be set from the comfortableness of your bed or couch since the control remote can access all of these options.

In the top of the Honeywell hy-048bp we can find an LCD screen, which gives us all the information about the temperature that the device is set to, the fan speed, and of course, the hour interval configuration. It is bright, but not so much to be a trouble when we are looking to keep the room dark.

As with all cooling devices the Honeywell hy-048bp also need to be cleaned from time to time, but one of its great features is that its air filter can be easily removed, washed and reinstalled, anyone can do it, and we don’t need technical knowledge to clean it, which is the case when washing an air conditioner.

More specifically, the oscillation range of the Honeywell fresh breeze is of 90 degrees. Its minimum timer setting is of one hour and its maximum, of 12 hours. Its dimensions are 10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8 inches and it weighs 14 pounds.

Pros and Cons

When we want to truly asses a product quality or intrinsic worth, the best way to do it is analyzing its pros and cons, so let’s do it.

Starting with its pros we can find that the Honeywell tower fan offers us a practical way of handling the temperature of the room, it has a temperature control (60-90 F°) and different fan speeds, with oscillation included.

It is pretty comfortable and doesn’t bother us when we are resting, because it is pretty quiet and it only has a small light, which makes it great in dark rooms.

With its removable filter, it is pretty easy to clean up, and that same filter helps us fight against allergies.

Of course, we got to mention its portability and how easy it is to be moved around, we can carry it to any room of the house in seconds, with no additional set up, just plugging it in.

And one of the best pros that this product has is its affordability. With this tower fan, we get an excellent quality-price relationship. For what we are paying we are getting a great cooling product, which becomes more apparent if we look at the prices of a conventional air conditioner.

But the Honeywell tower fan also has its cons. There is a particular flaw in design in this model, its base is pretty fragile and can be easily broken when installing the fan. Also, this base is static and with a small area, which makes it very easy for the fan to fall.

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Another particular important con of this fan is that it only is effective in small rooms; we’ll find that if we try to cool down large rooms it will fail. Although, this is obvious, based on the very nature of the device. Of course, we can always point it directly toward us and partially solve the problem.

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