Turn Of The Century Ceiling Fan Reviews

Turn Of The Century Ceiling Fan Reviews

Are you an interior designer? Or simply looking for a functional and stylish ceiling fan for your home? Turn of the century ceiling fans offers a wide range of modern and stylish fans that can match your design while cooling and lightening your house.

Yet, making the right decision is quite challenging. You want to pick the ceiling fan that will make your life more enjoyable, but every product in the market today looks promising. You tend to get lost between those words that make you forget what you wanted initially by giving you some information that you can not wrap your head around. You find yourself having something that looks good in the pictures but not on your ceiling.

We’re here to eliminate all confusion and make your purchase easier. As the name suggests, turn of the century ceiling fan turns out to be one of the best in terms of modern design, functionality, and of course, price, we picked the best products we can find along with user critics and some tips to consider when you set your mind to purchase a ceiling fan. Let us guide you through this process.

Turn of the Century Tempo – 52″ Brushed Nickel Contemporary – 3-Light Ceiling Fan

  Turn of the Century Tempo

The model comes with a set of lights that ensures sufficient illumination in bigger rooms as well. The diameter of the blade is 52 inches, and thus they provide perfect airflow in your room. The fan comes with a brushed nickel amazing fixture, and the shade given is what makes it look attractive. It is frosted white colored glass plus black rosewood superb finishing.

The most prominent feature of this model is the 3 lights embedded in the ceiling fan, and you will need candelabra bulbs of 60 watts for this model. The bulbs are efficient enough to give you sharp illumination that covers all types of medium-sized as well as bigger rooms. 

If you are concerned about installing this fan, do not worry as there is a hardware kit included with this model to help you understand the entire installation process. So, there is nothing to worry about; the instruction manual provided along with the kit will make the process easier.

User Critics

You’ve guessed it. It is a bit complicated to install this product, as many users claim. Some others face issues with the bulbs so that the installation can take some time, but it does not require professional assistance.


  • It comes with a hardware kit and instruction manual
  • Sharp illumination for large rooms
  • 5 rosewood or black reversible blades
  • The quality-price ratio is good


  • Installation takes longer than usual.

 Final Verdict 

The most rewarding things require a bit of time and effort. This is exactly what you can get once you finish the installation, a sense of accomplishment, and a great addition to your room. If you still have doubts, check out the price and other features here.

Turn of the Century Ashton – 52 Inches Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan


You will never make a mistake selecting this Turn of the Century fan.  This piece of art comes with a 52 inches wingspan and light fixture. The design is unique and will grab your attention instantly. With beautifully crafted blades, you get the elegant and stylish design along with durability. The use of brushed nickel in creating this fan makes it durable, and opal glass light fixtures add to its beauty.

The 100 watt light bulbs are good enough as a lighting fixture for the smaller rooms. You can control the fan functions with the help of the remote control that you get along with this Turn of the Century ceiling fans. This will give you better control over its functions as you can sit comfortably in the room and adjust the settings wherever you are in the room.

It is one of the Turn of the Century ceiling fans that come with a perfect reverse feature. This helps you program your ceiling fan to let it spin in the opposite direction for cooler or warmer air.

User Critics

Technically, this ceiling fan is good enough to be at the top of your list. However, the design is modern and will only match some fashionable styles. That is said, most people’s complaints, whether it is technical or associated with the design, come to personal preferences and the way each one sees things.

For instance, if you only care about the functionalities and features, you might ignore the design, and after a while, you will notice that something is not right. To sum it up, both sides (features and design) are essential, and only you can decide what’s better for your home according to your preference.


  • Durable
  • Opal glass lighting fixture
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Reverse feature
  • Remote control


  • It can be a little noisy.

 Final Verdict 

Turn of the Century Ashton is considered one of the best for many reasons. I will let you be the judge after what you have just read. And if you want to see more reviews click here.

Turn of the Century Midori – 52″ Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan


The model comes with amazing looks where the 5 blades are colored in two different colors on both sides. Walnut color is used on one side, whereas on the other one, you will see maple color. The other sections of the fans are created with brushed nickel, and the shade given is frosted white that compliments the attachments of brushed nickel.

The color like nickel, walnut, and maple can go with any type of interior design. You can also save a lot of energy using this fan as it has 13 watt CFL bulbs for lighting. The model also offers the flexibility of regulating the fan from any place in the room using the remote control. In case you do not want to use a remote, you can easily use the pull chain to regulate the ceiling fan.

The fan is reversible, not noisy, and there are 3-speed levels that you can use and get improved functionality. The ceiling fan is a perfect choice for your dining room, living area, or even bedroom as it is not noisy. The model comes with a reversible motor, which makes the fan useful for cold weather, and the airflow can be easily reversed to distribute warm air throughout the room. The fan also helps you cut the costs on your energy bills. Besides, you will get a limited warranty along with this fan, and the parts come with a 1 year warranty period. And the best part is that the installation process of Turn of the Century ceiling fans is quite easy.

User Critics

Again, technically speaking, this brand is excellent. However, you will notice that most people are unsatisfied with one thing. This is mostly an indoor fan, so it can only be used in dry locations. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about, the installation is easy, energy consumption is low, and the design is fantastic. 


  • Reversible motor.
  • 5 blades 
  • two 13-watt CFL light bulbs
  • This fan comes with a remote control and a pull chain
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor for residential use.


  • It can only be used in a dry location.

 Final Verdict 

If you take a closer look at the features of this ceiling fan, you will notice that it offers a variety of options that are very effective for daily use. Plus, the quality-price ratio is excellent. 

Turn of the Century Grand Haven – 62″ Oil Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling FanTurn of the Century Grand Haven - 62″ Oil Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan

If you are hunting for a ceiling fan with a wider wingspan, then Turn of the Century Grand Haven would be an ideal option. The wingspan of this ceiling fan is 62 inches and ensures perfect air circulation in large-sized rooms. The LED lights incorporated in this model offer higher illumination than any other bulb.

The blades can be seen in 2 distinct shades, which are warm cherry and dark elm. The frosted glass adds to the looks making it look stylish and also safeguards the light fixture. You can switch between the speeds easily and enjoy the airflow as the model comes with 3 levels of speed settings. You don’t have to worry about its noise as it is a quiet fan, and if you are using it in smaller rooms, there will be no noise generated. Irrespective of the room size, the ceiling fan works really well and is quiet too.

There are 8 blades spun by the motor, and thus you get sufficient air circulation into your room. It features a reverse spin feature for you to spin it in the opposite direction at your convenience. The remote control gives you the freedom to control the various functions of the ceiling fan easily.

User Critics

According to many users, this ceiling fan wobbles when it is in top speed mode, and you can not change the light because it is built-in, but is it worth it? Read the features again, and you will figure that out.  


  • 62 inches wingspan
  • 3 levels of speed settings
  • It is designed for smaller as well as larger rooms
  • Remote control


  • It wobbles when it is in top speed mode.

 Final Verdict 

If you are searching for a perfect Turn of the Century ceiling fan for large rooms, then this model is the one for you.

The Lanyard 52″ Bronze Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan


It is one of the stylish looking Turn of the Century ceiling fans, which includes a lighting kit as well. The 5 ebony blades of this fan are created using seeded glass and plastic. There are 60-watt bulbs (3 of them) embedded in the seeded glass to offer enough light that is ideal for any room type. The combination of 52 inches of blades plus 3 60 watt bulbs offers perfect airflow and sufficient illumination for all large and medium-sized rooms.

The other part of the fan is created using polished bronze that suits the interior of several homes really well. One of the added features to offer extra convenience is its remote control. You can easily manage the fan using the pull chain and manage light as well.

You can easily configure the air circulation as per your needs. Its motor that comes with 3 different levels of speed offers additional comfort that you would love.

Reversing the spin direction of your ceiling’s blades is easy, and it is quite helpful to use in winters when you need warm air in the room. This means you can operate this fan the whole year. In fact, this fan is ideal for porch areas too (covered) as it is rated for using it at wet locations also.

User Critics

This ceiling fan is not made for smaller rooms, so you better be careful with that. You need to check the measurements first and see if it can be installed in your room.


  • The design is unique and beautiful
  • It comes with a pull chain
  • Reversible blades
  • Ideal for porch areas


  • It does not go well in small rooms

 Final Verdict 

The ceiling fan offers a 1-year warranty on the parts, and the motor has a lifetime warranty (limited) when used for residential purposes. It is very easy to install this fan and very simple to use as well. You will get a manual with detailed instructions with distinct mounting options.

Turn of the Century 52″ Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan

    Turn of the Century 52″ Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan

One of the amazing fans you would love that comes with caged lights and a wingspan of 52 inches. You will find it quite efficient in comparison to other models. The light embedded in this fan comes from 3 distinct sources, and it offers ample light to medium as well as larger rooms. In order to provide improved durability, there are 3 bulbs included in the box.

There are 5 durable and highly stylish blades included with this model that ensure perfect air circulation in your room. The ceiling fan accompanies a completely reversible blade and a light, making it different and all-rounder among the rest of the models. You can regulate the spin direction in winters, and you can either go for dark maple (bronze) or natural wood perfect finish.

User Critics

Many users think that this product needs a remote control. It is advantageous to switch the mode from your couch; unfortunately, it is not the case for  Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan.


  • Cage lights
  • 3 additional bulbs in the package
  • Reversible blades
  • Durable


It does not include a remote control

 Final Verdict 

Manchester Cage Light Ceiling Fan is fantastic; the features are unbeatable, and the design of this ceiling fan is another aspect that you can count on for more relaxation and fun in your house.

Turn of the Century Apollo 52 inches White Ceiling Fan


The last model in our list is the most stylish one of the turn of the century brand. This customizable fan is available in “alabaster glass” white shade. It comes with 5 blades and a strong motor, each blade is 52 inches in length, plus you can control the speed of this fan using a remote control.

What’s also amazing about this fan is the ability to choose the package with or without the lights. This is a good thing for those who only need to cool or warm the room.

If your ceiling is not high enough, you can select a hugger ceiling fan that can be mounted flush to the ceiling or go with a downward rod.

User Critics

Since Turn of the Century Apollo is customizable, you are expected to install the additional pieces that you include in the package, so this might take you time, and some times, according to some users, you may need professional assistance.


  • Customizable
  • Powerful motor
  • Remote control
  • Neutral color that can be installed and fit any design


  • It takes time to install the Turn of the Century Apollo fan.

 Final Verdict 

The price of this ceiling fan is reasonable. It is customizable, stylish, and most of all, it can fit any design.

Keep This In Mind Before You Buy Turn Of The Century Ceiling Fan

You need to consider a set of factors before you decide to purchase Turn of the Century ceiling fans. These factors include your budget, the size of your room, style, blade span, motor warranty, and additional features like a remote control. Apart from these factors, make sure that you determine your requirements and buy the right model. It is better to use ceiling fans for indoors as they are specifically designed for indoors. Undoubtedly, many models suit outdoor needs too. It is better to go through the reviews, ratings, features, and benefits of each fan before you buy one. Once you decide your requirements, it becomes easy to figure out the best.

Of course, you will use the ceiling fans for years, and a wise decision taken would help you in the long run. You can also look for energy ratings when buying a ceiling fan and make sure it is energy efficient. This will cut down energy bills and conserve energy too to contribute to the environment. Do not fall prey for just any brand, and the ratings and reviews for the best brand will speak for its reputation. You can also talk to your friends and family if they are using a brand for years, and they are satisfied. You need all the comfort and excellent airflow in your room, so make sure you give some time to research for the best.


Turn of the century ceiling fans offer products for every budget, so you don’t have to worry about money. You just need to choose the one that meets your needs in terms of quality and design, and then you look for a product with a good price that falls into that category.  

The Size Of The Room

The longer the blades are, the more space you need, it is that simple. So you need to pay attention to this specific detail before you purchase. The height is also very important because some of the fans can have a long rod, so you also need to take this into consideration.


The installation depends on the size of the room. For instance, if you have a low ceiling height, then you need to install a flush mount ceiling fan. And if you have a high ceiling, then you need a fan with a long rod for easier installation.


Your creative mind will take the lead from this point; it is up to your judgment, needs, and motivation. Turn of the century fan offers a wide variety of products that might fit in whatever idea or decoration you can think of.