Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting

On this page, we will address some of the most common problems that a Hunter ceiling fan owner may face. We can start with the most important one: The fan does not move.

  • The Fan does nothing


There could be a scenario where you turn on your ceiling fan, and it doesn’t start, it doesn’t move, and nothing happens. Let’s see what may be causing the problem.

First, check your own end of things, check that your breaker is in order, or better yet, just reset it to see if something changes, you can replace your fuses too. If this doesn’t work, we can rule out an issue with our electric configuration and can focus directly on the ceiling fan.

The next step would be to loosen the canopy and check the wiring. We must see if everything is in order, that every wire is connected correctly, and there is no false contact. This is a good time to check the plug connection in the switch housing, too.

In case that doesn’t solve the problem, check the rotation of the device, push left or right, to see if there is no obstruction impeding the fan movement, maybe the fan is, in fact, turning on, but it can’t move. As a last resort, remove the shipping bumpers. If nothing works and the fan keeps doing nothing, it is time to get a professional intervention.

  • The Fan Is Being Noisy

If you find that your ceiling fan is being loud and making noises that it didn’t before, here are some things that you can check out.

Try tightening the blade bracket screws, but do not over-tighten it, and make sure that it holds a firm grip. If it keeps being noisy, maybe there is a problem with the blades, check them out to see if they are cracked, and if they are, replace all the blades.

  • The Blades are Wobbling

When your fan is wobbling while running, it may have some balance problems, use a balance kit, and its instructions to balance the fan. If that doesn’t work, try tightening all the iron screws of the blades.

Finally, if the fan keeps wobbling, turn it off and check if the hanger ball is properly seated.

Hunter ceiling fans lights not working

More often than not, a Hunter ceiling fan has a lamp built-in. This is great because it combines two useful devices into one and also functions as great decoration. But sometimes the light of the lamp can fail and stop working.

If the Hunter ceiling fan lights are not working first, check out the light bulb, see if it isn’t burned out or that it is working properly. You can try it out in another socket, or if it’s burned, it will be pretty evident just looking at it.

If the light bulb is functioning properly then you need to check the wiring, maybe there is a loose wire, or something is disconnected.

Hunter ceiling fans remote not working

These days, most Hunter ceiling fans have remote controls to operate them from a distance, and as with any electronic device, a control may fail sometimes. The first step would be to check the remote control batteries, check if they are charged and functioning properly, you can try them on another device to see if it works.

If the batteries are working check if some buttons are working and others aren’t, maybe the remote control is working, but there are issues with the contact of particular buttons. If not, then maybe the remote control is just broken.


It is better to check out the issues of our Hunter ceiling fans by yourself first before calling a professional to look at it. The majority of the problems that we can face with our ceiling fans can be solved quickly and easily, saving us money and time. So just be patient and follow the steps described above, and hopefully, you’ll find what is causing the issue.

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Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting
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Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting
Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting
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