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It is imperative that you consider some salient points before you invest in a kitchen ceiling fan because you may have to take note of the designing of your kitchen. If your kitchen is under construction you could initiate some cosmetic changes to derive optimum benefits by fixing a fan for kitchen.On the contrary if it has already been constructed making a few cosmetic changes would enable you to derive such benefits, that you would envisage from a fan for kitchen. It s prudent to consider that there are simple sciences behind everything we do and it is imperative that we take them into consideration if we are to enjoy efficiency in life. Being callous about such simple common sense issues would only ensure that you would be wasting money and not deriving the benefits that life and the appliances we use could derive. Purchasing and installing kitchen ceiling fans could be a point of contention and doing it right would drive maximum benefits if not it would be a waste of time and money. Installing kitchen ceiling fans would not only bring cool comfort but would also reduce energy costs hence looking at it prudently is the requirement.

Recommended Kitchen Fan #1:

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for the best fan for air circulation within your kitchen , you are encouraged to go ahead with Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Five Wet Rated Wicker Blade. This fan has a unique design and a style, which you will love to have inside your kitchen. It can deliver a flexible operation to you as well. If you are impressed, you can purchase the fan by visiting the following link.

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Installing Kitchen Ceiling Fans

We mentioned earlier in this article about the quantum of air that is pushed down by kitchen ceiling fans when suspended from the ceiling. The principle to consider here is that, there should be a substantial volume of air trapped within the ceiling and the kitchen ceiling fans for effective circulation of air.

This is because it is this trapped air that is pushed down by the kitchen ceiling fans and if there is insufficient space between the ceiling and the blades, cooling efficiency would drop. Hence before you would purchase kitchen ceiling fans it is imperative that you consider the height of the ceiling from the floor.

The recommended space between the ceiling and the kitchen ceiling fan should be minimum of two feet (2 feet), if you are to enjoy cool comfortable air dispersion around a wider area. Hence it would be prudent to take this into consideration before you consider installing a kitchen ceiling fan, to enjoy its optimum benefits or it would be a waste of money.

Recommended Kitchen Fan #2:

Westinghouse 7863100

When you are looking for a kitchen ceiling fan, you expect it to be compact, but powerful. That’s where you can take a look at Westinghouse 7863100. It is an excellent 24 inch ceiling fan, which comes along with six different reversible blades. It has the ability to cover an area of up to 80 square feet.

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Benefits Of Prudent Air Circulation

Applying these simple principles and accommodating the required changes would ensure a substantial reduction in the air temperature within the kitchen. The kitchen ceiling fans would operate providing the optimum benefits envisaged and could eliminate the use of air-conditioning well into the summer. It is not the installing of kitchen ceiling fans that should be the primary objective but the optimum benefits that you could derive from doing so, that should be considered. Many who install ceiling fans for kitchen do not consider these simple principles and would in turn blame the manufacturer for inadequate air circulation in their kitchens.

It is imperative to consider the fact, that your kitchen is prudently designed to enable the fixing of ceiling fans for kitchen if you are to enjoy optimum efficiency for the money spent.

Recommended Kitchen Fan #3:

Air King 9718

Air King 9718 will be the best ceiling fan available for the individuals who are concerned about the circulation of air. This is an industrial grade ceiling fan and you don’t need to worry about the performance offered by it. The air circulation capabilities offered by this fan are impressive. In order to ensure a long lasting durability, this fan comes within a powder coated steel design as well.

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Fixing Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Light

Considering the height of the ceiling from the floor would be the most important factor before you would contemplate of fixing kitchen ceiling fans with lights. The need to do so would be the additional attachment of the lights which would reduce the clearance from the floor to the end of the lights.

If a standing adult could reach the lower end of the kitchen ceiling fans with lights it could be a dangerous idea unless you place an item of furniture to prevent the reach. The item of furniture could be placed right under the kitchen ceiling fans with lights to prevent any accidents that could occur.

It is prudent to consider that accidents occur without any warning and being safe is better than being sorry later. There is also some aesthetic value in fixing a kitchen fan light which whilst delivering a dual purpose would also add to the ambience of the kitchen.

Whichever way one may look at the purpose, it is imperative that it serves both purposes adequately and efficiently. If both purposes are not met then the purpose of fixing a kitchen fan light would be utterly meaningless.

There could be other options that could be considered and it would be prudent to look at them and take a pragmatic look at the issue at hand and act otherwise. We spend our hard earned money to derive benefits, what they would be only we may know as it is we who would spend such monies.

Hence if we could satisfy that need it is well and good but when it comes to installing kitchen ceiling fans there is certain other factors which would need to be considered. You could install kitchen ceiling fans and derive maximum benefits in cooling and also a substantial reduction in energy bills if the above simple factors are taken into consideration.

The reduction in energy bills could be observed when you could move into summer whilst holding back the air-conditioning till such time that you would really need it. Kitchen ceiling fans are very efficient appliances that bring about comfortable cooling especially in the kitchen where substantial heat is generated.

To enjoy such comfort you may need to use common sense and prudent thinking by ensuring the above cosmetic changes are made to your kitchen prior to fixing any.

Recommended Kitchen Fan #4:

Westinghouse 7213300

Westinghouse 7213300 is an excellent ceiling fan available for the individuals, who are looking forward to get their hands on a kitchen ceiling fan that comes along with a light. The petite blades of the fan would make it match perfectly well to your kitchen. The blades of the fan are reversible and they are made out of rosewood. There is a 60W bulb attached to this fan to enhance its overall appearance.

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Applying The Science Of Air Circulation In Your Kitchens

Hot air is lighter than cold air and in any space be it outside in the open or within a closed area such as a kitchen the hot air would rise up. A very good example of this science would be the “hot air balloon”, which rises up when the air within the balloon is heated, invariably with a gas flame, as it is generally done today.

The shutting down of the heating gas flame would gradually bring the “hot air balloon” down back to firma terra. The same principle would apply in our kitchens too, where the hot air within the space would rise up and collect itself just below the ceiling.

When we switch on the kitchen ceiling fan it is this prevalent hot air between the ceiling and fan blades that is pushed down by the angled blades. If you use some imagination and think prudently you would be able to get cooler air to be pushed down by the blades instead of the hot air. If the kitchen is closed up with no air circulation it is the same hot air which would continuously circulate within the closed area and no comfort would be forthcoming.

After some time and with persons inside the kitchen and the cooking in progress additional heat would be dispensed into the kitchen. This would raise the temperature within the kitchen and no cool respite would be enjoyed by those in the kitchen, but a hot, stuffy, humid and uncomfortable environment.

The hot air being pushed down by the kitchen ceiling fans would not bring any respite unless you are able to push it out from the closed area of the kitchen. The solution to this simple problem would be to install an exhaust fan for kitchen which should take into consideration the volume of air trapped between the ceiling and fan blades.

Depending on the length, breadth and height of the kitchen and the stoves, cookers and other appliances generating heat one or more exhaust fan for kitchen may need to be installed. The exhaust fan for kitchen, two or more should be fixed between the ceiling and the fan blades at the nearest walls which would open to the outside.

The exhaust fan for kitchen would push out that quantum of hot air which would tend to collect between the ceiling and the fan blades. The pushing out of the trapped hot air would ensure that cooler air would be sucked in from the outside to maintain the same equilibrium of air within the kitchen.

Applying this simple science to your kitchen would ensure that you have cool air circulating at all times when the kitchen ceiling fans are operating. The continuous air circulation would ensure that the hot air collecting between the ceiling and the kitchen ceiling fan being pushed out and cooler air from the outside being sucked in.


If your home is adequately designed to install kitchen ceiling fans, then go ahead and do so taking into consideration the factors mentioned above. You are sure to enjoy optimum benefits with comfortable cooling if not make the few cosmetic changes and then fix the kitchen ceiling fan. If you are unable to execute the required changes to your kitchen then look at other options of which there are many that would solve your predicament. Kitchen ceiling fans with lights would undoubtedly bring aesthetic value to your kitchen and add to the ambience to the space you would proudly and lovingly call your kitchen.

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