7 Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchens


Kitchens are some of the essential rooms in the house since it’s where you prepare meals. But the heat from the stoves and odors from foodstuffs can make it uncomfortable to spend time in this room. To make it more comfortable, it would be great to invest in a kitchen ceiling fan.

These devices facilitate air circulation, eliminating odors, and providing a gentle breeze when it’s too hot. They also add to the beauty of the room. We have compiled a list of the best kitchen ceiling fans based on the size of your kitchen, lights, and several other factors.

In a hurry? Check our 3 best picks out of the list!

Best Overall – Minka-Aire F844-DK We believe this is the best all-round kitchen ceiling fan since it moves a lot of air, it has a remote control, and it has an excellent koa wood look. It is suitable for all sizes of kitchens since it has several downrod options and three-speed settings.

Best Kitchen fan with lights – Honeywell Ceiling fans 50609-01 If you’re looking for a fan with lights, this is a great option. It features a 1400 lumen LED light that provides enough illumination and decoration. LED lights are also very energy efficient.

Best Value – Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan At a relatively lower cost, this fan has a 52-inch span and 13 degrees pitch which are great for small to medium-sized kitchens. It may not have a light, but if you have enough lighting, you can save the extra energy costs incurred by the fans with lights.

Best Ceiling Fans for Kitchen Review

Minka-Aire F844-DK – Best Overall

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52 This ceiling fan brings both aesthetics and functionality to your kitchen. It also features all the bells and whistles you would want in a ceiling fan for kitchens. This includes a remote control, three-speed settings, and reverse mode. The reversible feature allows you to switch between cold and warm air based on the season. It comes with 52-inch blade spans that resemble distressed koa wood. The three blades are inclined at 48 degrees to move as much air as possible (at least 5024 cubic feet per minute). 

The three-speed levels can be controlled remotely. However, if you need to switch it to manual mode, you may need to do it manually.  And that’s not all. This fan features a dimmable LED light. It comes with a 6-inch downrod that makes it suitable for kitchens that are 10 feet tall. If you need longer downrods, you can purchase them separately.  

User Critic

According to most users, this fan works great since it removes a lot of air. And it also has excellent aesthetics. However, several of them complained about a noisy hum from the fan, while more experienced users confirmed that running the fan for 24 hours solves the noise problem.


  • It’s relatively quiet.
  • The LED lights can be adjusted based on the lighting in the room.
  • It’s also gorgeous, completing a furnished look for your kitchen.
  • The 48-degree inclination and 52-inch blades remove a considerable amount of air.


  • If you don’t run it for the first 24 hours, it can be very noisy.
  • You have to switch to the reverse mode manually.

 Final Verdict 

Overall, this is an excellent kitchen ceiling fan. It looks small, making it unsuitable for larger rooms. We recommend it because of the large air removal capacity, ease of use, remote control, and great aesthetics.

Honeywell Ceiling fans 50609-01 – Best Kitchen fan with lights

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan, 62, Oil Rubbed Bronze If you have a larger kitchen, then you will love this Honeywell model. Besides Minka-Aire F844-DK, this model is another great kitchen ceiling fan with lights. It features a1400 lumens dimmable LED light. It also has eight blades and 62 inches blade span making it suitable for rooms as large as 20 feet by 20 feet. 

This fan can be operated remotely using a remote control, Alexa, or Google. It also features 3-speed settings. We love this fan for it can be mounted in three different ways. You can choose to install it using the downrod, low hanging, or at an angle. 

Another reason why it stands out is the 30 days money-back guarantee and the lifetime guarantee. Very few home appliances can offer such a warranty. It also comes in different finishes, adding to the beauty of your kitchen based on your taste.

User Critic

Most users found this fan to be quite useful for large kitchens thanks to the large blade span. However, some users found it to be quite slow. Others felt a fouls smell, and there were some cases of deliveries of defective and missing parts.


  • It looks great, beautifying your kitchen in the process.
  • It has several options to control it remotely, including Google and Alexa.
  • It has blades large enough for large rooms.


  • It’s quite challenging to install.
  • Its maximum speed is slower than that in most models.

 Final Verdict 

It may not be as fast as most models, but it gets the job done for large kitchens. The remote controls are also very convenient. We also recommend it because of the lifetime guarantee that comes with it.

Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan – Best Value for the Money

Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan, Five Palm Leaf Blades This is an excellent kitchen ceiling fan that offers great value for money. At a lower price than most models, you get five ABS blades, a 52-inch span, and a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a light. It features 13 degrees incline angle for optimum air removal. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Another reason why it offers value is the four-speed settings, the compatibility with Honeywell’s universal remote, and the Bronze finish. Besides the bronze color, you can also choose the sandstone or white based on your taste. You can also mount it in three different ways, close to the ceiling, using a downrod, or at an angle.

User Critic

Several users claimed that it didn’t move air, but later users have realized that it does move a lot of air. The trick was to set the fan to rotate in a downward position. After using this workaround, they confirm that it has a quiet operation, and lets out a cool breeze.


  • It’s energy-efficient.
  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • It also looks great and comes in three different colors.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It spans 52 inches, making it great for medium to large kitchens.


  • It doesn’t have a light.
  • The warranty doesn’t cover the blades.

 Final Verdict 

It would have been very disappointing that a fan with five large fans can’t move air. Thankfully, people realized how it works. It’s now one of the best kitchen ceiling fans, especially for people on a budget. 

Hunter Fan Company 59243

Hunter Fan Company 59243 Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low This is the ideal small kitchen ceiling fan. It comes with four blades and a 44-inch span. This model is famous for being quiet. On top of that, it has a flawless remote control mode that makes it easy to switch between the three different speed settings. 

It also comes with LED lights, whose dimming levels you can control through the remote. LED lights are also best known for being slightly warm and energy-efficient. It’s a low profile ceiling fan that’s designed for rooms that are 8 to 10 feet in height. The remote control also comes with a wall-mount where you can always place it when not using it.

User Critic

Most users found it functional for low hanging rooms since it occupies about 11 inches from the ceiling. They loved the sleek modern look, the 13-degree pitch, and the energy-efficient LED lights. Other users complained about a hum that seemed to be disturbing, but most users found it fairly quiet. Some also had an issue that the remote is cheaply made and less appealing.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • The LED light is also quite bright, but you can minimize the brightness from the remote when necessary.
  • You can also place regular bulbs if you don’t want to use the LED.
  • It works great for low hanging rooms, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.
  • It’s also relatively quiet.


  • The remote is green and less appealing to most users.
  • The instructions are also not very clear about how to control the lights.

 Final Verdict 

As mentioned earlier, we recommend this to homeowners with low hanging and small kitchens. The 44-inch span and 13-degree pitch may not be best for larger rooms. The remote could be made better, but the fan still functions as it’s supposed to.   


Casablanca Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and remote control This is another great small kitchen ceiling fan that features three blades, a reversible mode, and a 16-degree inclination for optimum air removal. It comes with two downrods, 4 inches, and two inches. You can choose either of them based on the size of your room.

You can control the speeds using a remote control, but you need to switch to reverse mode manually. We also love this fan for the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the parts, a lifetime warranty on the motor, and 120 days service. It also comes with a white LED light.

User Critic

Several users loved how well this fan blends with the wall thanks to the several shades. They also found it easy to install since the kit is provided. They also agree that it moves a lot of air.


  • It is faster than most and removes a lot of air at a time.
  • It also brings excellent aesthetics that easily blends with your ceiling and walls.
  • The installation process is also very straightforward.
  • It also has a quiet operation.


  • Some users complained that it might have a bad odor, mainly as a result of electrical faults.
  • It also breaks down quickly. Considering its cost, it may not be the best value for money.

 Final Verdict 

Besides having great aesthetics, this small kitchen ceiling fan also features excellent functionality. Even though it may break down quickly, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee and a 120 days home service.

Panasonic FV-08VQ5

Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan If you have a smoke problem in your kitchen, this kitchen ceiling fan may be great for you. Even though you may have a ventilation system, an extra set may go a long way to making your kitchen a more comfortable place. There are many reasons why this fan stands out—first, an extended warranty.  

While other manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty on the motor, Panasonic offers a whopping six years on the motor and three years warranty on the electric parts. Secondly, the smartflow feature: When there’s static pressure, it automatically increases the speed of the fan to remove excess humidity. Since excess moisture causes molds and allergy reactions, this model is a must-have for your kitchen. This fan is also energy rated for energy efficiency, and certified for home use by various regulatory bodies. It also features a 10W dimmable LED light.

User Critic

Most users agree that it works as expected, but the instructions seemed to be a big problem. Some also stated that it might be noisy.


  • The manufacturer offers a 6-year warranty on the motor and 3-year warranty on the electric parts.
  • It’s effective at removing air and dehumidifying a room.
  • It protects the homeowners from any complications brought by smoke.
  • It’s relatively quiet.


  • The installation process is lengthy and quite complicated.

 Final Verdict 

Despite the unclear instructions, this ceiling fan works great for kitchens. It has also been successfully used in basements and bathrooms since it also minimizes humidity levels.  

Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ

Fanim Industries LP8350LAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan with Vintage Light Kit For those looking for a stylish fan at a slightly higher cost, this Fanim Industry’s model is perfect for you. It’s quite expensive, but it only spans 23 inches. To complete a vintage look, this fan features four light bulbs and a caging. You can control the dimming with the remote or set a timer. Since it has an airflow of 1360 cfm, this fan is perfect for small kitchens.

User Critic

The small chandelier look seems to impress a lot of users. Besides the beauty of the antique finish and ambient lights, they also agree that it moves enough air for a small kitchen. However, some users had some difficulty using it. Others found the lights to be impractical.


  • It is gorgeous.
  • It is also very energy efficient.
  • It has enough airflow for a small kitchen.
  • It also has a quiet operation.


  • The ambient lights are not very bright; you may have to replace them if you need more light in your kitchen.
  • The installation process may take too much time, and the instructions aren’t self-explanatory either.

 Final Verdict 

For homeowners with tiny kitchens but are comfortable spending more money for the vintage look, this model is worth consideration. There isn’t much not to like, and you can always change the bulbs based on the type of lighting you need for your kitchen.   

Why Invest in Kitchen Ceiling Fans

Below are some of the reasons why you may need a fan for your kitchen.

  • Energy Saving

With a fan, you may not have to run a conditioner that may consume more energy. Kitchen ceiling fans facilitate air circulation to cause a cooling effect, or warming effect based on the room temperatures. Also, users agree that when used together with an air conditioner, you can considerably reduce your electricity bill. You can also turn the thermostat higher, without feeling uncomfortable in the kitchen.

  • Eliminating Bad Odors And Smoke

Bad odors and smoke tend to accumulate in the kitchen when cooking. This makes it uncomfortable and even poses a health risk to people with breathing problems. Kitchen ceiling fans help circulate any stagnant air in the room, eliminating these smells at a faster rate.

  • Lighting

If you need extra lighting in the kitchen, you can always opt for the kitchen ceiling fans with lights. They provide enough illumination for the countertop food preparation, as well as beautifying the room.

  • Pest Control

Constant air circulation in the kitchen helps keep insects like mosquitoes, flies, and gnats away from your foodstuff.

Factors To Look For When Choosing The Best Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are part of home decor. Therefore, before anything else, a functional kitchen ceiling fan should be stylish enough for your house. Besides being stylish, below are some of the functionalities you should look for before making the purchase.

  • Lighting

If your kitchen is dimly lit, a ceiling fan with lights is the best option. However, if you have enough light, you can select those with lights for decoration purposes. If you’re on a budget, you can avoid them since those without lights are less expensive, and they consume less electric power.

  • Size/Blade span

The blade span you need depends on the size of your room. If you purchase a blade that’s too small, it will be ineffective. If it’s too large, it will waste a lot of energy. Remember there are those with a downrod if the room is too tall, or a flush mount for low hanging rooms. There’s no specific way of determining the exact size you need, but you can always consult a professional before buying.

  • Energy Consumption

Fans consume between 10 to 120 watts based on the blade span and the type of lights. The smaller the blade span, the lower the energy consumption. LED lights are the most energy-efficient and the most durable. Other types of blades include fluorescent bulbs which consume 75% less energy and incandescent lights.

  • Blades

Fans come with different sizes of blades. Larger blades are best for larger kitchens. The blades can also range from two to five. Ceiling fans with many blades move less air, but they are very quiet. You also need to consider the inclination, also known as the blade pitch. The larger the angle, the more air the fan will move. Some have a 13-degree pitch, while others may have a 50 degrees pitch. Since you shouldn’t move a lot of air in a kitchen, 12 to 15 degrees would be ideal.

  • Motor

Motors are an essential part of a fan since they facilitate the rotation. It goes without saying that the motor has to be very durable. You can also check the warranty on the motor since most manufacturers offer an extended warranty on the motor. The best way to check the quality of the motor is to check the customer reviews.

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