10 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans For A Sound Sleep


When it comes to ceiling fans, there are plenty of products and features that are in the market. The most important thing you should think about when you are considering buying one is performance. Which one will help the air around the room circulate and move to reach the whole space?   

Ceiling fans are perfect for each season. In colder times, they can be adjusted to distribute the air and make your room warmer. And in hot times, you will be able to keep your room fresh as the air can reach the whole space and keep it cool. Ceiling fans can also help you sleep better, as they keep the airflow well around the room, but you’ll need to choose from the ones that perform quietly. We got you covered as we suggest multiple ceiling fans that work silently to provide you with a sound sleep.  

There are different ceiling fans for every size of the room and the various type of ceilings. Low ceiling rooms and angled ceiling rooms also have their special fans that you can install on them easily. In this article, we will review 10 of the best bedroom ceiling fans that you will definitely adore!  

BEST OVERALL: Hunter Fan Deluxe 53091 Transitional 52“ 

BEST DESIGN: Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8176CH Taliko Ceiling Fan

BEST Remote Control Ceiling Fans: Westinghouse Lighting 7220600 Kelcie Ceiling Fan  

  •  Hunter Fan Deluxe 53091 Transitional 52“ 

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe ceiling fan The Hunter Fan Deluxe 53091 comes in a sleek design and a dual light fixture. It’s a high-quality ceiling fan that works with a “whisper wind motor”. This means that when your Hunter ceiling fan is turned on, it will keep moving the air around the room quietly.  

Having a Hunter Fan Deluxe not only guarantees low noise when it is working, but it also makes sure it passes the air around the room efficiently. It has a powerful motor with a reverse speed setting. This means that in summer, you can use the downdraft mode to cool the room and change the direction to updraft mode in winter to remove the cold spots.   

To turn on the Hunter Fan Deluxe, use the pull chain in the fan and adjust it to the desired speed easily.

User Critic  

Some users complain about the light, as it is way dimmer than they had expected. The light shade balances the light to keep cozy lighting in the room, and it is perfect for bedrooms. 


  • Easy installation
  • Whisperwind motor


  • Low light

 Final Verdict 

The Hunter Fan Deluxe 53091 whisper wind motor is one of the best features in this ceiling fan. If you’re looking for a traditional looking ceiling fan that does its job perfectly and gives your room cozy lighting, this is perfect for you.

  •  Minka-Aire F844 Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F844-WH, Light Wave, 52

The Minka-Aire F844 LightWave is a stylish ceiling fan that comes in different finishes. It can easily match any interior you have for the room you want to have it in. The Minka-Aire’s contemporary design brings an elegant touch to the room, and with its three blades, it gives it a simple yet sleek appearance.

The three 48′ blades in the Minika fan help it stay balanced while moving the air around the room. It is a quiet fan that won’t disturb you when it’s on even though it’s a powerful one. The Minka Aire LightWave has a light kit in the center of the fan. It’s a 14W LED light that lights up your room, so you won’t have to worry about having a separate light bulb. You can easily control the fan’s settings by a wall unit. You can switch it on and off from there, or from the remote control included.

With the reverse speed motor, the Minka Aire Light Wave is perfect for warm and cold times. In order to circulate warm heat around your room in winter, you can change the option by switching the setting on the ceiling fan body. So you will be enjoying your Minka Aire F844 in summer and winter times with no worry. 

User Critic

Some users complain about the remote and how slow it transmits the signal to the fan. Others have talked about the downrod mount being a little lower than expected, making the fan closer to the ground.


  • Modern design
  • Great lighting
  • Quiet performance


  • Plastic material

 Final Verdict 

The Minka ceiling fan blends perfectly with your ceiling, and it has a high-quality performance. If you are searching for a modern fan that distributes the air efficiently and offers amazing lighting, this one is perfect for you.

  • Westinghouse Lighting 7220600 Kelcie Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7220600 Kelcie 52-Inch

The Westinghouse Lighting 7220600 Kelcie Ceiling Fan is a well-decorated ceiling fan that adds a sprinkle of elegance in your bedroom. With its 4 silver finish blades, it comes with a light kit that can hold two LED light bulbs for balanced light in your room. The light crystal shade gives a gorgeous appearance to your room.

This ceiling fan works with the help of a remote control. You get to turn the fan on and off easily with one switch. The light is also managed using the remote control so that you can have it on or off or dimmer. There are four speeds to control, and the motor works with the reverse function to easily work in summer as well as winter. The powerful work of the Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan also shows in the quiet performance. The motor is of high quality, and the ceiling fan makes no loud distracting noises when it’s turned on.

With the help of the manual included in the package, you can set it up easily and enjoy your well-aired room after installing the Westinghouse Lighting ceiling fan.

User Critic

Some users complain about the remote control, as it can delay the reception a bit. But all customers are satisfied with this beauty, as it is both powerful and well designed.


  • Quiet, high-quality motor
  • Remote control
  • Crystal light shade


  • Heavy light shade

 Final Verdict 

The Westinghouse fan not only looks stunning, but it also has an amazing performance without making a loud noise. It’s perfect for every season, and it adds a beautiful touch to your room with the crystal detail.

  • Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8176CH Taliko Ceiling Fan

Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8176CH Taliko Ceiling Fan 52-inch

The Tiffany CFL-8176CH Taliko ceiling fan has a beautiful, sleek look that makes your bedroom appear majestic. It has a black metal finish housing that combines both the modern and traditional look of a ceiling fan. It has a basket lamp made of crystal and a matching pendant to make it look even more eye-pleasing. 

The blades are made of wood, making the powerful rotation move the air around your room efficiently. It has a reverse speed motor, which means it will be able to fulfill your temperature adjustments in cold and also warm times. It comes with a light kit, so you’ll be able to save electricity and have two products in one. You can control the fan with either a hand pull chain or a remote control. 

If you are looking for both a powerful and beautifully designed fan for your room, the Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8176CH Taliko ceiling is a perfect find! The manufacturer offers great customer service, and the packaging is well managed to keep it from unwanted defects.

User Critic

Some users complain about the instructions when it comes to installing the fan. The instructions are not clear, and some steps are missing. Look up installation videos online to help you when you’re installing the Warehouse of Tiffany ceiling fan.


  • Great performance
  • Elegant design
  • Quiet fan


  • Unclear instructions

 Final Verdict 

Other than the installation that can be a little bit tricky, this is a beautiful piece of decoration that combines efficiency and elegance. 

  • Brightwatts 52″ LED Ceiling Fan

Brightwatts-Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan with Nutmeg Espresso Blades and White Glass Light Bowl

The Brightwatts 52″ LED Ceiling Fan is a well-designed ceiling fan, with hand-painted blades made of wood. It has a beautiful nutmeg espresso finish that brings out the classic wooden beauty of traditional bedrooms. The efficient airflow in the room is achieved quietly, no matter how powerful the blades are rotating.

This ceiling fan is energy efficient, and it is good for both summer and winter. It is really easy to install with the help of the pictures in the instructions book and also online where you can find guided installation videos. The Brightwatts LED Ceiling Fan has LED lights that are Integrated Led Module design. This means you won’t have to worry about changing your light bulbs every now and then. 

The Brightwatts LED Ceiling Fan works with a pull chain system. You can turn both the light and fan on and off by pulling the chain. It’s easy to switch between the two, and if you have a double switch, the manufacturer makes it easy to connect it to that system too.

User Critic

Some users complain about the lighting of the Brightwatts ceiling fan. It has a yellowish tone, and can sometimes make the room dark. 


  • Easy installation
  • Quiet performance
  • Beautiful design


  • No remote control

 Final Verdict 

With 52” length, this is one of the best ceiling fans for a master bedroom. The Brightwatts ceiling fan has a high-quality performance when it comes to airing your room. It’s easy to install and is a well-designed product that will also decorate your room elegantly. 

  • Casablanca Fan Company 53187 Durant Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Fan Company 53187 Durant Ceiling Fan, 44-inch

The Casablanca 53187 Durant Ceiling Fan is a beautifully designed ceiling fan that is perfect for giving your bedroom a cozy look and style. It has five blades that prevent dust build up because they are coated with Dust Armor technology. They have a lovely burnt walnut finish to match your interior, which gives the ceiling fan a nice and polished look. 

The blades are powerful and make the air movement match your season needs. The motor has a reverse speed function, which allows you to switch it when it’s winter season, and switch it back when it’s warmer. 

The Casablanca Ceiling Fan comes with a light kit that can be monitored easily by the fan’s pull-chain system. You can adjust speed settings with the help of the pull chain, and enjoy your new ceiling fan performance. No matter how powerful the ceiling fan gets, you won’t have to worry about any noise because it performs quietly.

User Critic

Some users complain about the lighting of the fan. The light can be dim for certain users, and may not light up the whole room. 


  • Quiet performance
  • Great design
  • Dust Armor technology


  • Can have low lighting

 Final Verdict 

The Casablanca ceiling fan is perfect to have in your bedroom. Your room will be well aired, cool in summer, and warm in winter, and it also will give your room a nice traditional touch. 

  • Emerson CF805SORB 52-Inch Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fan

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF805SORB Snugger 52-Inch Low

The Emerson CF805SORB 52-inch ceiling fan is a perfect choice for bedrooms with low ceilings. It has a beautiful dark cherry finish to it, which makes it elegant to the look and polished. It has 5 blades that are controlled by a reverse speed motor that offers a great air movement for warm and cold seasons. 

This ceiling fan works with a pull chain. You can control the 3-speed settings of the fan by it and easily turn it on and off. You can add a light kit to your purchase and connect it to the wall switch for easier access and control. The ceiling fan’s housing comes in an oil-coated bronze, and it is easy to install. You just have to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer, and voilà! 

User Critic

Some users complain about the slight hum of the motor when it is set at high speed. The blades are quiet, but the motor can be triggered by the powerful speed, and give away a bit of noise.


  • 3-speed setting
  • Sleek finish


  • Slight noise 

 Final Verdict 

The Emerson ceiling fan performs really well when circulating the air around the room. The only problem is that it is not as quiet as other fans we reviewed, and it might be distracting when it’s turned on at night. Overall, it still is efficient and can match your bedroom interior with ease.  

  • Hunter 59135 Nautical 54″ Ceiling Fan 

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 59135 Nautical 54

The Hunter 59135 Nautical 54 inches Ceiling Fan is a powerful air movement ceiling fan that uses the Whisper Wind motor to prevent noisy performance. It cools the air in your room during summer, and with its reverse speed motor, the blades change to updraft mode to keep you warm in winter. 

The blades of the Hunter 59135 Nautical ceiling fan have a nice polished beachwood finish that will never bore you out. The light shade has a zinc finish, and the remaining parts of the fan are made of stainless steel. This makes the ceiling fan rust free so that it won’t collect rust and store it. 

The Hunter 59135 Nautical ceiling fan works with a double pull chain system. You can use it to adjust the fan’s speed and turn it on and off easily. The installation is easy, as the manufacturer makes sure you get all the parts you need to put it up. Whether you want to mount is standard, angled, or low, the Hunter company got you covered. 

User Critic 

Some users complain about the installation, as it can get complicated with the different codes in each part to join. But the instructions make every step simple and easier to follow, so just take your time when installing it, and you’ll be good.


  • Easy and simple installation
  • Beautiful design
  • Whisperwind Motor


  • Lights may be too dim for user’s liking

 Final Verdict 

The Hunter 59135 Nautical 54 inches Ceiling Fan is a beautiful rustic ceiling fan that performs quietly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a simple looking ceiling fan that still adds a touch of elegance in your room, this one is a great choice. 

  • Honeywell Carnegie 52-inch LED Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50606-01 Ventnor Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 52

The simple beauty of the Honeywell Carnegie 52-inch LED Ceiling Fan catches the eye quickly. It’s a 5 blades ceiling fan with a warm barn wood finish that gives it a trendy look and can match your interior perfectly. 

You can easily install this ceiling fan following the instructions that the manufacturer includes with the product, and you can mount it in three different ways: angled close mount or standard. The angular mount is not included in the package, and you will have to purchase it separately. The LED lights are covered by a light shade to keep the balanced lighting in the room.

The Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan has a high-quality quiet performance; it won’t disturb your sleep or focus. It works with a reversible motor with three powerful speeds. It distributes the air perfectly around the room in order to have fresh air in summer and stay warm during winter. To adjust settings and turn the fan on or off, you can use the pull chain that is connected to the fan.

User Critic

Some users complain that the installation can be tricky. The solution is quite easy. Use the instructions included in the packaging, assemble the fan first, and then start installing it to your ceiling. It won’t take you a long time when you do that, and you will be certain that you didn’t miss any part.


  • Beautiful trendy style
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple mounting systems


  • No remote

 Final Verdict 

The Honeywell ceiling fan gives your room a trendy farmhouse style that can be matched with your interior without worry. You only need to focus when you’re installing it and adjust it to the mounting system you desire.   

  • Prominence Home 80099-01 Bolivar LED Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 80099-01 Bolivar LED Ceiling Fan

The Prominence Home 80099-01 Bolivar LED ceiling fan comes in a stylish chrome finish that will add flavor to your bedroom. It is one of the best ceiling fans with light for bedrooms. It’s a 5 blades ceiling fan with an integrated light kit that holds two A15 bulbs. The light shade is perfect for giving the room balanced and cozy lighting. 

You can mount your Prominence Home ceiling fan with the standard mount, or with the angled mount. The first is included in the package, but the angled mount is not, so you will have to buy it from the manufacturer. The motor has a reverse function, which allows the air to circulate and be distributed following the season. You can control the temperature of your room using either downdraft mode or updraft mode. 

The Prominence Home 80099-01 Bolivar LED ceiling fan is easily installed. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, and you’ll be able to enjoy your lovely ceiling fan.

User Critic

Some users complain about the high number of pieces this ceiling fan has, making assembly and installation a bit hard. To make sure you don’t miss anything, make sure you follow the instructions closely.


  • Simple yet sleek design
  • Dual-mount 


  • Low light

 Final Verdict 

The Prominence Home comes in a simple design. It may have low light, but that makes the room comfortable. It has a lot of parts to assemble and install, but it’s a high-quality ceiling fan that will make your room fresh and well aired.

Bedroom Ceiling Fan – Why Should You Get One

Ceiling fans are essential to let the air circulate in a room. They’re useful for both summer and winter because they are there to push the air around and not just heat or cool it. This means that in winter, they remove cold spots in the room while circulating the air. And of course, in summer, they keep the room cooler. 

When you turn your ceiling fan on, it makes a small wind sound, which means it works and keeps the air flowing. It’s a faint noise that can help you sleep and relax once you’re in bed. It blocks out the noisy sounds from outside that can disturb your sleep. So it’s not only refreshing your room, it’s also making you sleep better.  Buying a ceiling fan for your bedroom can be confusing when you’re faced with so many choices. We have a guide for you that can simplify the experience.

Bedroom Ceiling Fan – What To Consider Before Buying

Ceiling Fan Blades 

Before choosing the size and number of the blades, you should consider your room size. Generally, the blades can come in sizes from 30 inches to 60 inches. Getting a long blade means that your ceiling fan will be able to move more air around in your room. Ceiling fans can have up to nine blades, but that doesn’t affect their performance

Ceiling Fan Design

When it comes to styles and finishes, ceiling fans offer a lot of choices. You can choose to have stainless steel finish on both the base and the blades. The base comes in different finishes, the most popular ones are matte black, antique bronze and brushed nickel. These ceiling fans can also come with light kits, which come in glass in its different shades. For the blades, you have even more choice between wood blades, plywood, or plastic ones. You can have cherry, walnut, rosewood, and more finishes. 

Ceiling Fan Quality

What makes a high-quality ceiling fan? First, how much air does it move around your room? As stated above, long blades help the air to move around and air the room well. These blades should be able to do that without adding excessive noise. In order to achieve that, having blades made of high-quality material with a perfect finish. Look for fans with a several-speed motor with sealed bearings, which can be back by long term warranties. 

Ceiling Fan Controller

Ceiling fans can be controlled by a wall switch, a pull chain, or a remote control. They help you adjust the motor speed and the light for light equipped ceiling fans, while controllers should be made by the same ceiling fan manufacturer for a good performance. 

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