10 Best Ceiling Fans – Reviews and Buying Guide

10 Best Ceiling Fans to buy in 2018

Do you need a ceiling fan?

Only you can answer this question, but we can help.

Although some cities receive them more than others, heat waves have become a norm everywhere. This is bad news for middle-class families who cannot afford to run air conditioners all day. And even if you feel you can, there are seasons – i.e., early summer – where the weather isn’t warm enough for ACs. What you need, instead, is the best ceiling fan to create a comfortable environment in your home.

Maybe you’re not so sure about ceiling fans, because you have seen some horrid looking ones that wouldn’t blend into your home. We assure you there are plenty of designs that would not only complement the look of the room but also upgrade it. We have gathered in this review the top-rated ceiling fans from the best reputable brands to the most stylish ones. 

You can check our picks below and dive into the specs and features that make these ceiling fans stand out from their counterparts.

Best Outdoor Fans

For the purpose of clarity, we have divided this article into two categories, the first of which deals with the best outdoor fans. Take a look.

Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD MinimalistMonte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD Minimalist 56 IndoorOutdoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Steel Finish

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For those of you who need pin-drop silence in their bedroom for a night of sound sleep, the Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD Minimalist will deliver you just that. However, you need to have deep pockets to afford its asking price.


First of all, this fan has all the ingredients which allow it to operate in pin-drop silence. Take, for instance, the blades which are lightweight so they won’t even squeak during operation. Equally important is the super quiet DC motor, which gives you the freedom to enjoy this fan’s comforting breeze without any rattles of your typical ceiling fan.

Apart from its quietness, another feature of this ceiling fan, which might attract your attention, is its design. Right from the downrod to the blades, everything associated with this ceiling fan has been designed in a contemporary fashion, hence making it ideal for 21st-century bedrooms.

That said, if you already have a ceiling fan for your bedroom – but are looking for one for your patio, the fact that this fan is damp-rated means you won’t have to look anywhere else. And in case you have a habit of reading outdoors in the evenings, the integrated downlight with which this fan is provided should be enough for you to make a decision.

User Critique

Despite being one of the quietest ceiling fans, the fact that this ceiling fan doesn’t come with an Energy Star Rating raises a question about its efficiency.


  • Energy-efficient and super-quiet DC Motor
  • Bold and contemporary designed blades
  • Damp-rated
  • Has an integrated downlight


  • No Energy Star Rating

Hunter 23566 Sea AirHunter 23566 Sea Air 52 Inch 5 White Plastic Blades Ceiling Fan

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If you live near the ocean or in an area where humidity reigns supreme, ordinary ceiling fans won’t do the trick. What you need, instead, are the best outdoor ceiling fans such as the Hunter 23566 which don’t let moisture get in the way of their performance.


As we will tell you in the buying guide, what differentiates the outdoor ceiling fans from their indoor counterparts is UL wet rating. Fans that have this rating can be used outdoors without any fear that you may burn their motor or melt their wires.

Thankfully, the UL wet rating, which the Hunter 23566 ceiling fan has, enables it to be used outdoors. What’s more, since its blades are plastic – a must-have for any outdoor ceiling fan, they won’t give way to the extreme heat, humidity or cold.

And while you are going to install it outdoors, the Hunter 23566 ceiling fan would be as quiet as any of its indoor ceiling counterparts thanks to Hunter’s Whisper Quiet motor. The RPMs of this motor have been set so that without compromising on the airflow – this fan provides 5,498CFM, they operate with pin-drop silence.

Lastly, and this is important, this ceiling fan comes with a three-position mounting. Therefore, whether your outdoor ceiling is standard, angled, or flush, you can hang this fan in any fashion you may choose.

User Critique

Many customers, especially when they buy a designated outdoor ceiling fan, expect it to offer a pull chain in the package, which is not provided here.  


  • Energy Star Rated
  • ETL Wet Rated
  • Three Position Mounting for standard, angled and flush mounting
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • No pull chain


Emerson Curva Sky CF144WWEmerson Ceiling Fans CF144ORB Curva Sky Modern Low

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The Emerson Curva Sky is best for those rooms whose ceilings are lower than 8feet, as you cannot install normal ceiling fans there. For, the height of the flushed ceiling is such that normal ceiling fans just cannot deliver, which means whether you like it or not, designated Flushmount ceiling fans to remain your only choice.


For those of you living in a smart home, you might be pleased to know that this ceiling fan works with Amazon Alexa. That is, you can turn the fan as well as its lights on/off with your voice by using the Amazon Alexa. You won’t even have to look for a remote!

That said, if you don’t have Amazon Alexa, you can still take advantage of the remote control that comes in the package. The remote features not only the six-speed controls but also light options. Still, for those of you who want the good old wall control, they might be disappointed to know that it is NOT included in the package.

Also, if you like sitting in the foyer during the long summer evenings – but long for any sort of breeze – the fact this fan is wet rated means it can fulfill your wish. As long as it isn’t raining cats and dogs out there, its three weather-resistant blades have enough tenacity to work with aplomb.

In contrast to most fans with the light option which turns the light on alongside the fan – whether you want it or not, the Emerson Curva, thanks to its ‘no light’ plate, allows you to remove its 50W base halogen bulbs should you feel like staying in the dark.

User Critique

Apart from having no wall control, the fact that this fan has an airflow of 3,830CFM means it might not be powerful enough for large rooms.  


  • Designed for flushed ceilings
  • Has an 87% Airflow efficiency
  • Comes with integrated lights
  • Six-speed remote control


  • No wall control is included in the package

Fanimation FPD8149BNWBL OdynFanimation FPD8149BNWBL Odyn Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit and Remote Wet rated 84 inch Brushed Nickel with Black Blades

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To simply say that these fans are expensive won’t do the job, for they are super, super expensive. In fact, the price you might pay for one such fan would be enough to land three others. So, you might ask, why then are we listing them as the best ceiling fans?

Scroll down to find out.


All of us know that LED lights consume less energy – the manufacturers of ceiling fans know it too, but they cannot afford them due to their high prices.

Fanimation, however, took the chance and supplemented this ceiling fan with LED lights, which means that over the course of their life, these fans would consume 10 – 15% less energy than other ceiling fans with lights, hence making them the best ceiling fans with lights.

Justifying this fan’s price tag in more ways than one is the six reversible speeds that this fan offers. If you have been paying attention, you might know that other fans stop at three reversible speeds. Therefore, this is one other area where Fanimation leads the way.

Next comes the number of blades and once again Fanimation didn’t disappoint. With six, 84’’ brushed nickel blades, these fans throw the square footage calculations out of the window as, regardless of the area, they WILL deliver air.

What’s more, if you live in an area where humidity rules the day, this fan is wet rated – which means you can also install it in outdoor locations as long as there isn’t any raining. And if these features weren’t enough, the fact that this fan comes with both a remote as well as wall control should be enough to soothe your nerves.

User Critique

One word: Price. It doesn’t matter how good the features of this fan are, the majority would never be able to afford it because of its astronomical price tag.  


  • Star Rated
  • Six Blades
  • LED Lights
  • Remote and wall control


  • Astronomically expensive


Best Indoor Fans

Now that you’ve looked at the best outdoor fans, let’s turn our attention towards the best indoor fans.

Hunter PalermoHunter 21627 Palermo 52-Inch Brushed Nickel Fa

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Apart from having a design that complements both modern and classic rooms, the Hunter Palermo comes with remote control and provides an above-average airflow rating, making it one of the best ceiling fans available in the market.


Starting with its airflow – a feature where most ceiling fans come short, the Hunter Palermo has a gigantic flowrate of nearly 5,800 cubic feet per minute. Such flow rate makes it ideal regardless of the square footage of the room you are going to install it in.

As for its motor, it has three useful qualities to justify its selection. First of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty which means you have nothing to lose. Second, the motor is on the quieter side so you can install it in your baby’s room without fearing that it would disturb their sleep. Finally, the motor’s direction is reversible making this fan an optimal selection for all seasons.

To operate this fan, you won’t have to go near the wall each time as it comes with a remote control, which has an impressive range of about 30feet. Apart from the remote, you’d get two 13W CFL bulbs in the package, which means you can install this ceiling fan in low-light areas.

Despite using CFL bulbs – which are known for their energy consumption – the Hunter Palermo consumes only $0.10 per KWH. And to All but guarantee that the Hunter Palermo will weigh lightly on your energy bills is the Energy Star Certification that it has.

User Critique

Users have highlighted two major areas of concern about this ceiling fan. First, it cannot be flush mounted to your ceiling, and second, the CFL bulbs aren’t very bright.  


  • Brilliant airflow rating
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Comes with a lifetime motor warranty
  • Negligible energy consumption


  • Cannot mount flush it to your ceiling


Hunter Builder DeluxeHunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade

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If you have a room whose square footage lies somewhere between 125 and 250, the Hunter Builder Deluxe might be an ideal choice. Add its price tag to the mix, and what you have is a ceiling fan which provides great value for money.


Though not as powerful as the Hunter Palermo, the motor Hunter Deluxe churns out a considerable 5,110 CFM flow rate. Normal ceiling fans have an upper limit of 4,000CFM which means that despite paying below the odds, you’re getting an above-average flow rate in the Hunter Builder Deluxe.

As Hunter is known for making the quietest ceiling fans due to its WhisperWind Technology, the Builder Deluxe is no different. That way, it ensures noise-free air circulation in your room without even a hint of noise.

Another feature worthy of note about the Hunter Builder Deluxe is its reversible motor which makes it a fan of all seasons. For instance, if it is summer out there, you can operate the fan in downdraft mode to fill the entire room with air.

However, as soon as winter comes, it would take a minimum effort from your side to change the fan’s direction, so that it operates in the updraft mode. In this way, even when your room is fully heated, the fan will make sure it remains comfortable.

User Critique

There’s an old saying which tells us that we get what we pay for, and Hunter Builder Deluxe does prove its truthfulness. For, no remote control is on offer and the light bulbs which are used are incandescent, which consume more energy than LED bulbs.  


  • Can Change direction to use them in all seasons
  • Affordable
  • The motor is relatively quiet
  • Provide a lifetime warranty on the motor


  • Lack of remote control
  • Usage of Energy Intensive Incandescent lights

Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony7214100 Harmony 48-Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Thanks to its brushed nickel finish, weathered maple blades, and a highly elegant opal frosted glass light, the Westinghouse Harmony has all that it takes to add elegance to your home. That said, beauty isn’t the only thing that makes it one of the best ceiling fans around.


Starting with the quest as to how it will fill your room with air, the Westinghouse Harmony has an airflow of 4,881 CFM. It means that as long as your room’s square footage is less than 250 sq. foot, the Westinghouse Harmony can fill it with air.

The depth in the range of options is what makes this fan versatile. For instance, thanks to the triple capacitor which is provided with the silicon steel motor, you get four fan speeds with this fan. The switch is also reversible to allow you to use this fan all year round.

Efficiency is another aspect of the Westinghouse Harmony which makes it a darling of most users. For, while your average ceiling fan is rated somewhere between 75 and 85%, the Westinghouse Harmony has a mouthwatering 92% efficiency to lower your energy bills.

Lastly, while the Westinghouse Harmony provides the same lifetime warranty on its motor as all other fans, it is its warranty on other parts which increases the reputation of this fan. While most fans provide a one-year warranty on their parts, the Westinghouse Harmony provides one year extra.

User Critique

Remote, despite the fact that it is available with the product, is sold separately. It means you’ll have to pay extra to buy it.  


  • 92% Energy Efficiency
  • Two Year Warranty on Parts
  • Four Fan Speeds and Reversible Switch


  • The remote control is sold separately
  • Not rated by Energy Star

 Hunter Fan Company 53242 Builder EliteHunter Fan Company 53242 Builder Elite Energy Star 52-inch Ceiling Fan with five Harvest Mahogany

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Granted, dust repellent is not the first thing most people look for when shopping for a new ceiling fan. Still, over time, it’s the buildup of dust on the fan – and how you deal with it – which either ameliorates or destroys its elegance. Consequently, being dust repellent, the Hunter Builder Elite would retain its look for years.


You might be thinking: how does this fan deal with dirt? Well, It’s the Hunter’s Dust Armor Nanotechnology that is at play here. Leaving aside the technicalities, this technology gives the blades of this fan such a coating which makes them dirt repellent. As a result, you won’t have to clean the blades every other day.

In addition to being dirt-repellent, this fan churns out a considerable airflow of 5,049CFM. Add to it the WhisperWind technology which is a hallmark of all Hunter Fans, and what you have got is a pretty serious product in your hands.

To give you ease even before you have it, the Hunter Builder Elite gives three mounting options. That is, whether your ceiling supports flush, standard or angled mounting, this fan gives you all these options. It means you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this fan with your home’s ceiling options.

Lastly, and that is what we have come to expect from all Hunter Fans, the Hunter Builder Elite has been certified by Energy Star. This certification means that over the passage of their life, these fans will consume 15 to 20% less energy than fans who aren’t rated by Energy Star.

User Critique

Customers have voiced one serious complaint about this fan as they say that its installation is anything but easy, with one user claiming that he had to spend hours to install this fan.


  • Dust Repellent Blades
  • 3-speed operation
  • Multiple mounting options on offer
  • Energy Star Rated


  • Not easy to install


 Emerson Carrera Grande Eco

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan With 6-Speed Wall Control

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Being awarded ‘’the most efficient 2014’’ ceiling fan, Emerson Carrera Grande Eco was bound to appear on our list. In addition to its energy savings – it sniffs energy, to be precise – this fan has a unique feature set and won’t cost you to rob a bank.


Most users think that when it comes to ceiling fans, energy efficiency and performance are inversely proportional to each other. Thankfully, the Carrera Grande debunks this myth as, despite consuming only 20W of electricity, it provides a humongous 7,100CFM of airflow. It means it has enough power to fill any room, regardless of its size, with air.

Now that we have looked at its performance, you might be pleased to hear that this fan got a 360CFM/Watt efficiency rating from EPA. Put simply, this efficiency rating means that this fan is 400% more energy efficient than your average ceiling fan.

To make sure that it is easy to use, Emerson has provided this ceiling fan with a six-speed remote control with a reverse function as well as a dimmer (in case you feel like adding a light). And even when you might run this fan at full speed, its Energy Star rating would make sure it consumes less than 33W of electricity, hence saving energy.

As for its installation, users who have installed this ceiling fan in their house vouch for the ease with which they were able to get it going. That said, since the weight of this fan is a bit on the heavier side, we’d recommend getting some help just in case.

User Critique

Two major areas were highlighted by users of this ceiling fan. First, the 4 ½’’ downrod, which comes in the package, is suitable only for standard ceilings, which means you’d need to buy separate kits if your ceiling isn’t standard. Second, the blades are sold separately.  


  • Energy Star Rated
  • Six-Speed
  • Remote and wall control options
  • Easy to install
  • Light fixture adaptable


  • Downrod is only for standard ceilings
  • Blades are sold separately


 Minka-Aire F843-WH, Wave, 52″ Ceiling Fan, White

Minka-Aire F843-DK, Wave

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Talking about modernization and technology, not many brands come close to Minka-Aire ceiling fans. And if you have any doubts about the veracity of this statement, a mere glance at the Minka-Aire F843-WH should be enough to quash them.


While most ceiling fans might claim to provide enough airflow for your bedroom, not many come forward once the discussion turns towards libraries, meeting rooms, and large offices. However, with an airflow of 6,585CFM, the Minka-Aire F843 is tailor-made for such rooms.

Assuring you that such massive airflow from this fan would not be a one-off but a constant occurrence in the design of this fan. All three blades are curved – a setting that allows them to have a brilliant 48-degree pitch, which, in turn, allows this fan to be consistent with its airflow performance.

Moreover, while they do not come in the package, you can add more style to your room by installing center lights to this ceiling fan. Once you decide in favor of the halogen light, its power may surprise you, and you don’t have to worry about the energy consumption as this fan is UL listed.

Lastly, as we have come to expect from the best ceiling fans, the Minka-Aire F843 provides the reversible option. For instance, while the fan would work as intended in the summer, you can reverse its direction during the winter so that it picks up warm air, before circulating it to create a pleasant atmosphere in your room.

User Critique

Some users have complained that although this fan is quiet as a whole, it makes noise when set at its highest setting.


  • UL Listed
  • Massive airflow makes it ideal for libraries and large rooms
  • Modern design


  • Makes noise when set at its highest setting

Best Ceiling Fans – Features to look for

Since you are the ones paying the money, you should ask some questions of the retailer whose ceiling fan you’re going to buy. Here are some features which you might want in your ceiling fan.

DC Motor

As you might guess, the motor which your ceiling fan has will have a great impact on its performance and efficiency. That is why we recommend going for the DC motor – and NOT for AC motor – as the former is the more advanced version, it is 70% more efficient, and also operates quietly. That said, all these features do not come cheap, which means fans with DC motors cost more than those with AC Motors.

Remote Control

Ceiling fans differ in the type of control they provide you for their operation. While some of them provide the wall control option, others can be turned off and on with a pull chain. What we recommend you, however, is the remote control option. For, the best ceiling fans which offer the remote control option give a 30foot range from where the remote will be able to function. In this way, you won’t have to go to the wall mount every time to adjust the fan’s speed.

Blade Pitch

Some of you might recall sitting under a ceiling fan, but receiving no air despite the fact that it was running. The culprit at that time was the blade’s pitch: the angle at which the blades of your fan tilt. If you want your fan to fill the entire room with air, go for the blade pitch between 12 and 15 degrees.

Energy Star Rating

Though they will cost more upfront, ceiling fans with Energy Star Rating – a certification provided by the US Government – will save you money in the long run. When compared with standard fans, Energy Star rated fans offer many benefits. For instance, they come with a 30-year motor warranty, a 1-year component (s) warranty, and consume 15 to 20% less energy than other fans. Consequently, if you are looking for only the best-rated ceiling fans, look for an energy star rating.

Types of Ceiling Fans

The only purpose ceiling fans were meant to serve back when they were conceived for the first time was to circulate air. With the passage of time, they are also required to complement a room’s style. That is why the best ceiling fans of today come in various styles and features.

– Hanging Propeller

As suggested by their name, the outlook of such ceiling fans resembles the propeller of a plane. They are attached to the ceiling via a pole and most ceiling fans of today follow this style. They are best placed in rooms.

– Directional

In contrast to the hanging propeller ceiling fans – which can ventilate your entire room, the directional ones can only ventilate a designated area. They are best placed in office environments where sitting seats are designated.

– Rotational

A combination of the above duo, rotational ceiling fans have multiple sets of blades that spin in the opposite direction to each other. All the sets are connected to a central, common pole and all blades rotate on a vertical axis. They are best placed in outdoor environments.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans: What’s the Difference?

As our review suggests, both these types of ceiling fans are different; which means you cannot juxtapose one for the other. Hence, depending on where you are going to install it – indoor or outdoor – select the right fan for the job.

– Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The outdoor ceiling fans come in two types: damp-rated and wet-rated. As their mere name suggests, both these fans are meant for different environments.

Talking about the wet-rated ceiling fans, they are sealed, have their wiring so designed that it won’t short, and include partially covered areas that are protected from the weather. Consequently, you can use them in wet environments.

As for the damp-rated fans, their motor is protected by a non-corrosive cover and their interior wiring is protected. As a result, you can expose them to humid environments.

– Indoor Ceiling Fans

Such fans have blades that are made of high-quality, furniture-grade wood. The variety they offer – be it in color, design, size, and features are much more than that of an outdoor ceiling fan.

That said, since these fans are dry-rated you cannot use them in outdoor settings which means the best place for them is your bedroom, basement, and living rooms.

What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

Just like almost anything else in your life, ceiling fans do not come in the one-size-fits-all category. Their size could vary from a mere 14’’ to a mammoth 72’’, which means you need to select a ceiling fan that is appropriate for your room.

To determine the ideal size of a ceiling fan for your room, first, gauge your room’s square footage. For this, measure first the length and then the width of your room, before multiplying them with each other (e.g. Sq. footage = Length x Width).

Next, you need to determine the height of your room’s ceiling. Once you have done that, use these guidelines to get the best-sized fan for it.

– Flush Mount

If the ceiling height of your room is smaller than 8 feet, go for a flush mount application. These are low profile ceiling fans which hang almost 7 feet overhead the floor.

– Standard

As you might have noticed during the above-mentioned ceiling fan review, most ceiling fans come with standard mounting. Hence, f the ceiling height of your room is somewhere between 8 feet and 10 feet, go for standard application. A downrod is used in such cases to install the fan.

– Sloped

In contrast to the above-mentioned ceiling fans, sloped ceiling fans depend NOT on the ceiling’s height but on its slope. That is, if your room’s ceiling is sloped, ceiling fans will require you to install an adapter for their installation.

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

To light or not to light, that is the question most customers will face when looking at the best ceiling fans. As you might guess, it is your personal decision on whether your ideal ceiling fan should provide lightning or not. Provided you decide in favor of lights, here are some lighting options you may consider.


Opting for a ceiling fan which uses LED light has both pros and cons, with the major advantage that they consume very little energy and have a lifespan of 50,000hours. On the dark side, since they emit Blue light, LED lights might be harmful to your health.

– Fluorescent

Boasting an average lifespan of nearly 10,000 hours, fluorescent lights consume 75% less energy than incandescent lights.

– Halogen

Being 15% more energy efficient than the incandescent light sources, the halogen lights can last for as long as 1,500 hours. On the flip side, we found out during our ceiling fan review that these bulbs are very inexpensive which means fan which has them won’t cost astronomically either.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Who makes the best ceiling fans?

A question that has no single answer. For, every brand makes a wide range of ceiling fans – with some of them being better than the others. That said, there are still some brands that churn out more good quality fans than the average ones. To help you make an informed decision, we have gathered data on brands which users trust the most. Here are some of the brands who make the best ceiling fans in the market …

  • Monte Carlo
  • Westinghouse
  • Emerson
  • Hunter Fans
  • Minka Aire
  • Casablanca
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