10 Best Tower Fans to Keep You Cool in Summer

tower fans

When the summer hits, out go those winter clothes and hot drinks and everyone starts scrambling for ways to keep cool in the scorching weather. Lemonades, a dip in the pool and trips to the beach are all good but not enough to help you survive through the entire weather. When your house or apartment feels like you are in a sauna at all times, you need a way to keep cool so you don’t feel like an ice cube under the sun in your own home. How will you get anything done if you are dehydrated and sweating like crazy? 

Air conditioners are very effective in keeping spaces cool but are very expensive too. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of central air conditioning. Millions of people rely on other more economical ways like fans or air coolers for keeping their homes and spaces cool in the summer. Air conditioners are bad for the environment too. So if you are feeling like going green and cutting down on your use of an air conditioner. Or if you simply want a cheap and effective way of keeping your home cool in the summer then a Tower Fan is the answer for you.

No need to wait further, check our pick of the 10 best tower fans below!

Tower Fan

Tower Fans are specifically designed to provide a superior amount of airflow from an incredibly compact unit. Oscillating on a stationary base these fans are able to distribute air at a 90-degree angle. This feature of the fan coupled with the height of this tower fan provides a wider range of air circulation. Most Tower Fan models come with an air ionization option that gives the space that they are placed in a very clean and fresh feeling. Tower Fans come with a timer that allows a unit to turn-off by itself after a certain pre-set time. They also have removable air filters installed that ensure that dust and pollen are not spread.

Space-Saving and Stylish

tower fans Perhaps the best feature of a Tower Fan is that they do not take up much space and still manage to do the job. They are tall yet slim and take up very little space that would not have been enough to house a regular fan. A strong-plastic built makes a Tower Fan very lightweight and easy to move which ensures convenient portability.

Tower Fans are an elegant addition to any room without messing with its aesthetics. Without being bulky or unpleasant to look at and having a sleek-stylish design, a Tower Fan will blend in with the rest of your furniture and you won’t even notice that it is there.

Noise and Operation

Tower Fans are specifically designed to provide a whisper-quiet air cooling experience. Unlike other types of fans, Tower Fans are perfect for providing a noise-free environment.

Like any piece of technology, you need to have knowledge about the functionality of the Tower Fan of your choice. Many Tower Fans come with multiple features like remote control, an auto-shutoff feature, or an air-purifying and humidifying feature. You need to make yourself familiar with the operations of different fans so that you can choose the one that is the Best Tower Fan for you.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Tower Fans are designed to be energy efficient which makes them environmentally friendly.

Unlike other fans, a Tower Fan’s blades operate in a vertical motion. Which makes the air to be blown flow vertically through the fan unit and exiting through the small opening on the front of the fan. With safety measures kept in mind while designing it, Tower Fans are very safe around children or pets.

10 Best Tower Fans – Reviews

Now that we have cited different features that make Tower Fans stand out, we move to reviews of 10 different tower fans. We have listed below some of the Best Tower Fans available on Amazon.com. You can browse through them and choose a fan that is the Best Tower Fan for you based on your budget and needs.  

  • Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control – Best Overall

  Honeywell-Fresh-Breeze-Tower-Fan-with-Remote-Control Coming at the top of our list is the exquisite chrome-plated Honeywell fresh breeze. Stacked with top-notch features, this digital tower fan exhibits a programmable indoor temperature. Allowing you to control the temperature of the room as per your liking and according to the weather. Whether you want a better wind stream or simply cool air, you can choose between breeze mode or set the temperature from 60-90-degree Fahrenheit.  

This Honeywell tower fan claims to give fresh breeze through its ionized air-cleaning feature. One of the prominent highlights of the fan is its 3-pace speed and a timer function. The powerful and quiet 3-pace turbo wind blades give better air circulation. Likewise, you can save on electricity cost by setting the turn off timer in 2-, 4-, 8- hour intervals.   

Adding to its usability is the digital touch panel and an electronic LCD display. This easy to assemble fan can stand at two distinct heights, 30 or 40 inches, enabling it to position it at the desired spot. Plus, a launderable air filter to prolong the span of the fan. Rounding up its features, it also comes with the remote-control accompanying flashlight, to let you conveniently operate the fan from any spot.  

User Critique

It is evident from user reviews that this is a durable and reliable fan for cooling. Users boasted about its ability to keep the spacious apartment cool even in the hottest part of the day.  Users also appreciated the cleanable filter option that extended the fan’s durability compared to other fans.

On the other hand, some users complained about the fan noise even in the lowest setting. Moreover, several users disliked the design of the remote control and didn’t consider it comfortable to handle.


  • Programmable temperature
  • Oscillating fan gives better air circulation
  • Saves energy and cost by turn off timer
  • Cleanable filter
  • Warranty


  • Bit noisy
  • Flawed remote control design

 Final Verdict 

Unquestionably this tower fan is a complete package because of the high quality and powerful wings. Featuring programmable temperature and turn off timer, the fan aptly keeps the room’s environment fresh and cool. To sum up, this Honeywell fan model is the ultimate choice to cool your house.

  • Lasko 2551, Fresh Air Ionizer Wind Curve Tower Fan – Best on Budget

  Lasko-2551-Fresh-Air-Ionizer-Wind-Curve-Tower-Fan With an elegant and space-saving design, the Lasko wind curve tower fan stands next in our list. There are numerous tower fans around 50$ but most of them are small size intended for personal use. The affordable Lasko tower fan on the other hand is a full-size unit that is powerful enough to cool spacious rooms.

This fan also has similar features compared to its expensive rivals. Equipped with 3- pace speeds it can quietly distribute the air around the room and occupy the least space.

On top of that, it also has a wireless remote control that has more operating functions than the Honeywell tower fan. It not only controls the fan speed but also the oscillation, the built-in timer, and operating fan and nightlights.

The tower fan is packaged in a two-piece that can easily be put together in minutes and ready to enjoy the cool breeze.

User Critique

More than 60% of the users are satisfied with the performance of this handy tower fan. They find it powerful enough to cool down medium size rooms instantly and perfect for summers.

But some users are unsatisfied with the fan’s oscillation and don’t find the air circulation wide enough for larger rooms.


  • Space-saving design
  • Easy assemble
  • Saves energy and cost by turn off timer
  • Relatively Quiet


  • Limited oscillation
  • Not easily cleanable

 Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a tower fan that offers features as good as the expensive ones but is also pocket-friendly, then go for the Lasko tower fan. It is affordable and on top of that is even quieter than the Honeywell tower fan, and gives you a white noise for a goodnight sleep.    

  • Seville Classics size-40 Inches, Ultraslimline Oscillating Tower Fan – Best Design

  Seville-Classics-size-40-Inches-Ultraslimline-Oscillating-Tower-Fan Displaying a unique design Seville Classic is one of our recommended choices under quality tower fans. It showcases an especially designed steel intake grill meant for superior airflow and high performance. The said feature enables air-resistance, hence reducing the noise at any given speed.

Unlike the above-mentioned fans, this Classic has 4 ultra-quiet speed settings ranging from high, medium, low, and Eco. The Eco function and the sleep mode makes it energy efficient.

The Seville tower fan is nothing short in its performance, and it oscillates the air side-to-side to a full 75 degrees. Perfect for cooling down the rooms quickly.

The led illuminated one-push control panel and remote control with LCD are the added user-friendly features of this tower fan.

User Critique

 Users have found the Seville tower fan air circulation feature best even at the lower speed. And they even consider it quieter and calmer.  

However, some users have complained about everything getting stuck in the blades due to wide grills and inability to clean it.


  • Wide air circulation capacity
  • Fairly quiet
  • Energy efficient and eco friendly
  •  Easy to use panel and remote control
  • Compact design


  • Inability to clean

 Final Verdict 

Quiet, compact, and energy-efficient are the three best words to describe the Seville tower fan. It has everything one can look for in a reliable fan with wide air circulation as the most noticeable trait. Though keep in mind the cleaning service aspect of this tower. On one hand, its unique wide grill increases the air circulation, but it can also become a way for dust and other particles to stick in the ventilator.    


  • Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Best quiet fan

  Honeywell-HY-280-QuietSet-Whole-Room-Tower-Fan Just as the name suggests, this Honeywell model is the most silent tower fan out there. Despite the fact that it has an 8-speed setting, it still quietly moves the air around the room at all the settings.

Like the other Honeywell models, this tower fan also has a breeze setting so that you can have fresh air in mildly hot weather. Another noticeable feature is it covers the large area, thanks to its oscillating louvers.

All in all, it is also equipped with remote control, adjustable thermostat, and a safe-mode timer.  

User Critique

Judging from user reviews, most customers are happy to get the service they are promised. They find it quieter and calmer compared to the other tower fans in the market.

The only downside users have found, is the bright light display that cannot go away and can be a nuisance at night.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Good air circulation capacity
  • Handy remote control


  • Bright LED panel

 Final Verdict 

For someone who is a light sleeper, this Honeywell model is a perfect choice for you to enjoy a sound and a peaceful sleep. The tower fan not only has a remarkably quiet feature but also gives a wide cooling air circulation. Making it a prime pick as a bedroom fan.    


  • Lasko Portable Electric 42 – Best for bedroom

  Lasko Portable Electric 42 Making it to our list is another exceptional Lasko model. As the last pick, this tower fan is another great choice for the bedroom fan because of its high reach over the bed and strong blow of cool air across the room.

This sleek portable fan has a small footprint, therefore, occupies minimum space. Although on the quieter side, it still has powerful breeze enough to cool down the dorm, kitchen, living room, or RV.

One of the unique features of this Lasko model is its nighttime settings. This setting automatically dims the display and changes the fan speed from high to low after every hour until you interact with the fan again.

If we talk about its usability, it is easy to carry with a handle and easy to assemble. And like many tower fans, it also has optional oscillation, turn-off timer, and a remote control.

Additionally, the portable fan is equipped with the BLUE PLUG safety feature. This feature is an important part of all the Lasko models. The plug prevents any short-circuit electricity and cuts off the power supply to the fan when there is a hazard.

 User Critique

This Lasko model is another hit among users. Most customers verified its robustness and good functionality. Few shoppers also compared it to the competing products and found its cool air performance above average and suitable to beat the heatwave in the summer.

There are two main concerns for the majority of users. One is the price spike as compared to other Lasko models (but maybe that’s the price for additional features). Second, some users find the oscillating arc of the fan too narrow and therefore don’t consider its airflow wide enough for living rooms.


  • High reach
  • Broad fan capacity
  • Nighttime feature
  • Easy to assemble and portable
  • Built-in safety feature


  • High-end price
  • Narrow oscillating arc

 Final Verdict 

This eloquent model will not only add color to your interior décor but will also help you beat the heatwave of the summer with the high reach and strong fan capacity. At night it will provide you cooling service quietly. It can adjust its speed and light automatically, making sure you have comfortable and cool sleep at night.  

  •  Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan – Best Eco Fan

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan The next best option on our list of tower fans is the eco-friendly and inexpensive Arctic-Pro. The 42-inch fan is manufactured to be used as either a pedestal or a tower fan. Its sleek and compact design is bound to add beauty to your living space.

Moving on to its performance, the powerful fan is engineered to deliver a wide range of airflow with its 80-degree oscillation. It has no carbon print, and its compact design can fit in any place.

Even though quite inexpensive, this tower fan also accompanies additional features like remote control, whisper-quiet 3-speed, and a night mode.

User Critique

At a given price, most customers are impressed with the performance of this tower fan. They appreciated the two settings of the fan, allowing it to get the optimal airflow.

However, various users complained about the hassle in assembling the fan, and they find the base weak and flimsy.


  • Two different installation options
  • Night mode
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Flimsy base

 Final Verdict 

Better air distribution and option to install at two different settings. What else one can ask for in a decent tower fan at a reasonable price. If one overlooks the initial hassle in assembling the fan, then it is an appropriate choice to deal with the humid weather.  

  • Tower Fan, 43 Inch Bladeless Oscillating Quiet Tower Fan – Best safe fan

Tower Fan, 43 Inch Bladeless Oscillating Quiet This tower fan by Air choice is the only Bladeless oscillating fan on our list. And it is the best bladeless tower fan out there for homes with toddlers or pets.

The bladeless design doesn’t hamper the performance of the fan. In fact, it supplies smooth yet powerful air with its 70-degree wide-angle air outlet. The slim tower fan has ultra-quiet technology for a peaceful and refreshing environment.

With its 2-way up/down air deflection, it can circulate air evenly to eliminate hot spots. It is one of the best energy-efficient and eco-friendly options out there.

Its natural breeze mode is perfect for nighttime, mediation, and any space dedicated to rest. Like many high-quality tower fans, it also has an interactive control panel, and a remote control with up to 20 ft reach. Equipped with high-end features like 3 speeds, optional oscillation, and electronic timer, it Lets you tailor the airflow according to your needs.

User Critique

The quiet and bladeless tower fan has been able to meet the expectations of the customers. From its cooling performance to its design and quietness, users consider it worth every dime.

The only noticeable complaint by the users was the LED light that can’t be dim at night and can be a bother.


  • Bladeless, safe around toddlers
  • 2- way even air circulation
  • Reasonably quiet
  • Natural breeze option
  • Remote control with up to 20 ft reach


  • LED light display at night
  • Out of budget for some people

 Final Verdict 

Your days to constantly worry and protect your toddlers from the dangerous tower fans are over. Now you don’t have to look further as this bladeless fan takes away your concerns about any potential hazard. All this without compromising on the quality and quantity of cool air performance around your house.

  •  Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan – Best Airflow Fan

Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan Just as the name suggests, this High Velocity Tower fan is engineered to cool down your room instantly. It is a heavy-duty tower fan to tackle with the intense heat and humid weather.

The powerful fan comes with the customizable oscillation necessary for evenly distributing the air. Depending on the size of your room and the temperature, you can change the speed at 3 different paces.

This member of the Lasko family is also equipped with a user-friendly LED panel, built-in timer, and a remote control. You don’t even have to waste your time putting together the fan. All you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in and it’s ready to cool down the heat.

User Critique

Undoubtedly, most customers have testified in favor of this powerful tower fan. One user defines its robustness as a Firepower.  Users consider it as an intense power fan with useful features.

Though the heavily built tower fan also comes with the price. When aesthetically talking, customers think it’s a bit bulky, and the high blowing fans mean a lot more noise.


  • High velocity fan
  • Wide range Oscillating lovers
  • Already assembled
  • Portable, comes with handle


  • Loud noise
  • Not very aesthetic

 Final Verdict 

If you are living in a humid and warm place all year round, this high-velocity fan is a perfect cooling solution for you. Given that you are not keen about the aesthetics or remotely bothered by the noise, this powerful fan will instantly cool down the environment for you.     

  • Honeywell White Comfort

Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan If you have come this far and are still wondering about the tower fan that is suitable for your personal use, then we got you covered. We present you the 38.4″ inch tall, pocket friendly, and personal friendly-use Honeywell white comfort.

This slim and portable tower fan has everything you would look for in a decent cooling fan. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized rooms. Regardless of the size, this tower fan includes a 3-speed pace, an auto-off timer, and led electric buttons for comfortable usability.

Even at a minimal price, it offers an oscillation for wide area cooling, making it a performance rich tower fan with versatile features.

User Critique

As mentioned in the review, the Honeywell white comfort is definitely a good choice for a buyer’s personal use. Many users are recommending it to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable cooling source.

Some customers did warn about the fragility and flaws in the assembling design and advice to take precautionary measures when assembling the model.


  • Small and portable
  • Suitable for small and medium sized rooms
  • Cheap but reliable
  • Fairly quiet


  • Fragile, flawed assembly
  • Not for large rooms

 Final Verdict 

Needless to say, this Honeywell model is a cheap and reliable tower fan. It will go well over your kitchen top, or office desks, and even beside your bed. At such a price, it is a decent performing tower fan that can give a cool and comfortable environment in no time.   

  • Dyson Tp04 Air Purifier And Tower Fan – Best Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan Some standard air purifiers are not good at circulating cool air around the room, while the other tower fans cannot clean the air. Dyson pure cool can do both. This two in one model loses no quality in both air capacity and air purifying.

The Dyson air purifier’s HEPA filter can capture pollutants down to the level of 0.3 microns, trapping 99.97% of allergens, mold spores, dust, and more. Using activated carbon, the 360-degree filtration can remove foul odor and gases. Moreover, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has certified it as asthma and allergy-friendly.

It is also equipped with high-tech. You can connect the model with your WIFI and pair it with an app. This will allow you to monitor your indoor air quality, set the operation schedules, and remotely control the device.

On the other hand, the Dyson tower fan hasn’t compromised on its efficacy. With its “Air multiplier” hardware technology, it moves 77 gallons of smooth air per second. It has unrivaled 360-degree oscillation that can distribute air even in the largest room.

User Critique

Users have testified that with the premium price, it also offers the premium service. It is the best Tower fan cum air purifier out there. Equipped with high tech and smart fan capacity makes it a versatile model.

It has helped the customers to purify the air of their houses in the pollen season. Expensive but can do well what it is supposed to do. The only drawback is the high-end price. Some users think it doesn’t look as luxe as its price.


  • Best air purifier
  • Automatically senses the environment and adjust
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • 360-degree oscillation


  • High-end price

 Final Verdict 

Dyson Air Purifier is the only tower fan that can intelligently clean the air and keep it cool. With its high-tech technology, it can keep your house environment healthy and fresh. It doesn’t compromise on its fan capacity and can instantly cool even the large rooms. It is a perfect choice for someone who wants an invigorating yet purified air.    

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan

When you are out in the market to get yourself a new fan, you are bound to get confused in the choice between a Tower Fan vs a Pedestal Fan. Why choose one over the other? Is a Tower Fan better than a Pedestal Fan? Or is it the other way around? If you are struggling to choose a fan out of these two for your home. Let’s compare the two fans and find out for ourselves whether a Tower Fan is better than a Pedestal Fan or not. And whether it is worth the investment so you can make an informed decision for your home. We will be considering certain factors based on which we will conclude our decision.

How large is the area that you want to cool?

The first thing that you need to consider is the area of the space that you want to cool. While Tower Fans are great for keeping small apartments or a room cool, they are not so great at cooling very large rooms or a huge space effectively. This is one of the drawbacks of a Tower Fan.

The Pedestal Fan with its slim middle body but a wide and extended base and upper body help it cover a larger area. They are ideal for the outdoors too like for use in the patios.

The Airflow Area

Another factor that makes the Pedestal Fan more effective in larger spaces is that the actual area where the airflow is coming from is much larger. The upper body of a Pedestal Fan is much wider and has a huge multiple-blade fan than other fans and can provide superior airflow as compared to the alternatives.

However, a lot of tower fans the actual space from which the air flows out of is very small so the actual airflow is bound to be less than that of a Pedestal Fan. This makes a Pedestal Fan not very suitable for the outdoors or larger spaces.


With large blades and aforementioned area of a fan, the Pedestal Fan is listed on a much higher CFM than a Tower Fan, which makes it much more powerful and being able to work well in the outdoors and large spaces.

A Tower Fan with vertical set blades and a much lower CFM are not as powerful as the standard Pedestal Fan, therefore they are not suitable for a very large space.


Pedestal Fans produce a very loud sound when they are turned on which is very annoying. The motor and the oscillation both produce very high-volume sounds which make it very difficult to be able to do something peacefully around a pedestal fan.

However, a Tower Fan is specifically designed to be whisper-quiet. The motor of a Tower Fan is constructed using a brushless motor and a brushless motor is the quietest motor. It is arguably the quietest fan in the world making it perfect for creating a noise-free environment while still providing air cooling.

Control of Air Flow

You can control the airflow of a Pedestal Fan much more than that of a Tower Fan. With an option to adjust the Pedestal Fan up or down or adjust the tilt in the direction that you want to make it more flexible control-wise.

A Tower Fan’s height cannot be adjusted and a rare few come with an option to adjust the tilt making the control over a Tower Fan much less than that of a Pedestal Fan.


The design of a Pedestal Fan makes it aesthetically displeasing. They are large and hard to ignore because of their large built and loud noise.

A Tower Fan is designed in a manner that complements the aesthetics of your home. It adds to the charm and has a pleasant to look at the design.

Like everyone else you would also want your home to look and feel great. A Pedestal Fan due to being displeasing to look at may be better suited in a workplace or an area where you are less concerned with the design of the fan colliding with the look of the rest of the space overall.

Running Costs

As compared to Air Conditioning, both the fans have a significantly lower running cost. But when compared to each other, the difference is only marginal.

A Pedestal Fan costs 1-2 cents per hour to run. Whereas, a Tower Fan cost 2-3 cents per hour to run.

The maximum power rating of a Tower Fan falls between 60W-110W at the highest speed setting. Whereas, the maximum power rating of a Pedestal Fan falls between 45W-75W at the highest speed output. It is safe to assume that both options are economical in this regard. So to make our decision we must look at other factors.


Cleaning a Tower Fan is an ordeal. To clean the Pedestal Fan you have to disassemble it. First, you need to remove the grill and unscrew the fan blades off the frame and wash them with dish soap in a washroom. After you are done you need to dry them off with a clean cloth and then reassemble everything back. This makes it a complicated process.

Cleaning a Tower Fan, however, is a much easier task. You can simply use a vacuum brush to suck the dust from the Tower Fan or use a clean cloth to clean the outer body of it. The blades of a Tower Fan are hidden inside the outer grill and there is very little chance of dust getting inside. No need to disassemble and reassemble it which makes it much easier to clean than a Pedestal Fan.


Tower Fans are more expensive than Pedestal Fans but there are a number of brands that produce cheaper but equally effective Tower Fans too. Tower Fans come with more features than a standard Pedestal Fan so their increased price is justified.

Portability and Weight

As a Pedestal Fan is made of aluminum or steel, this makes them very heavy and harder to carry around.

A Tower Fan as we discussed before is made of hard plastic which makes it much lighter in weight and easy to carry.

This makes a Tower Fan much more conveniently portable than a Pedestal Fan.

Air Quality

Where a Pedestal Fan provides a much stronger airflow in a larger area. It does not have the ability to improve air quality.

A Tower Fan mostly comes with an ionizer that improves air quality and purifies it.


A Pedestal Fan does not come with the features like that of a Tower Fan. A Tower fan comes with a timer that may be used to set an auto-turn off option. Also, many Tower Fans have a humidifying and purifying feature. They also come with a remote control whereas a Pedestal Fan has a control grid at the back of it.


A Pedestal Fan has more tendency to be tipped over. The spaces in its grill are also larger than that of a Tower Fan which makes a Pedestal Fan an unsafe option around young children or pets who might be tempted to put their fingers or paws in or may end up tripping the fan over.

Also, Pedestal Fans come with long dangling cords that anybody can easily trip over. So if you are looking for safety then a Tower fan is the right choice for you.

To Sum It Up

Like everything else, both a Pedestal Fan and a Tower Fan have their pros and cons.

A pedestal fan has more control in terms of height adjustment, can cover a larger area, and cost less.

However, the Tower Fan’s superiority lies in its features, easy portability, and being aesthetically pleasing while taking up little space.

Now that you know how the two differ you would be able to make a more informed decision about which type of fan meets your requirements the most.

Tower Fan Vs Normal Fan

Tower Fan Vs Normal Fan 

When choosing a fan for your home a Tower Fan Vs a Normal Fan can also be confusing. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two fans to make a comparison.

Space and Style

As mentioned above a Tower Fan with its compact design takes much less space than a standard electric fan and is more aesthetically pleasing. Normal fans may come in different sizes but it is hard to ignore their presence as they do not blend in with the environment they are placed in as the Tower Fans do.


Tower Fans tend to have more superior airflow than a normal fan. With some Tower Fans with a turbo feature, a much powerful airflow circulation is created with a Tower Fan. Whereas, a normal fan may only come with a few speed adjustments.


The vertical blades of the Tower Fan are stronger than the circular motion of a normal electric fan. Though industrial grade electric fans have a stronger air flow they are also only suitable for larger spaces.


A normal electric fan is very noisy as it has large blades moving and passing air through them. However, a Tower Fan has a whisper-like quiet operation.


The Tower Fan has a stylish and sleek design. A normal fan on the other hand is not designed with style kept in mind and is not pleasant to look at.

Running Cost

Both the fans cost almost less than 2 cents per hour to run.


Tower Fans have hidden blades that do not need cleaning as it is hard for dust to get inside. Electric fans need to be disassembled like pedestal fans to be cleaned which makes cleaning a normal electric fan a painful task.


Though Tower Fans are more expensive than a Normal Fan, they owe it to their superior airflow and features that justify their price. Many economical options are also available from different brands in the market.

Portability and Weight

If you have a ceiling fan then it is fixed and cannot be moved. Other electric fans come with easy to carry handles which makes them conveniently portable. But some metal built fans are heavy and not so easy to carry. Tower Fans are on the other hand made of plastic which makes them very lightweight and easy to carry.

Air Quality

Normal electric Fans are not designed to improve air quality in fact they only provide air circulation. A Tower Fan however ionizes the air making it clean and fresh.


A Tower Fan comes with remote control and auto-switch off features along with air humidifying and purifying features. Whereas, a Normal Fan just comes with the standard speed setting controls.


Just like the pedestal fans, Normal electric fans use large blades to circulate air and are unsafe around young children and pets as the gaps in the grill covering the blades are not small enough. However, a Tower Fan has blades hidden behind the upper grill with hard access that makes it very safe and keeps those little fingers out.

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