Hunter Ceiling Fans Installation


Before we start our Hunter ceiling fans installation, we need to get ready first. For that, we need to find and prepare the spot where our fan is going to be installed. We’ll also need some tools, an electric drill, a standard screwdriver, and a Phillips-head screwdriver and, for obvious reasons, a ladder. You’ll also need some basic skills, like the ability to drill holes and identify and connect electrical wires. We can see that we only need some simple tools and very basic skills.

Now, let’s start with the actual Hunter ceiling fans installation. If we have our ceiling fan place prepared, we should be looking at a spot where the wires, where we are going to connect our fan, come out. We need to shut the power off to avoid electric shock; the easiest way to do it is by just turning off the circuit breakers associated with that cable.

After we secure the area, we proceed to drill two pilot holes at each side of the wood support structure through the outermost holes in the outlet box. Now we have to align the ceiling plate with the pilot holes that we just drilled, and then we must place the ceiling gasket over the ceiling plate; that way, we align and match everything in place

After that, we need to pierce two holes in our ceiling gasket that match our pilot holes. Then we take the lead wires from the outlet box and pass them through the hole of both the ceiling gasket and ceiling plate. Now we have to tighten the screws on our pilot holes.

At this point, we have to install the mechanical part of the fan, for that we start by assembling its pieces; we need to insert the downrod through the canopy and the canopy trim ring. Then, we pull the wires through the downrod. Now we have to secure the assembly by tightening the set screw.

We have our fan assembled; soon, we need to mount it, but first, we hook it to the already installed ceiling plate, leaving it hanging and opened so that we can do the wiring.

The Hunter ceiling fan wiring is one of the most important parts of this installation and maybe the most challenging, but all in all, it is still pretty easy to do. To do a successful hunter ceiling fan wiring, we ought to connect each wire from the ceiling with the wire from the fan that has the same color.

To do it, we use the wire connectors provided with the Hunter ceiling fan. Holding the bare metal leads together, we put a wire connector over them and twist clockwise, leaving it tight. Now, following the color scheme, we match the green wires (grounded) from the ceiling with the green wire from the ceiling plate and the green wire from the fan, then, we do the same with the white wire (ungrounded).

Now, depending on our switch, we connect the black wire (ungrounded) the same way as we joined the white, and then we connect the black/white wire to the wire for the wall switch, in case we have a dual switch. Or we connect the black/white wire together with the black wire from the ceiling and the black wire from the fan if we have a single switch.

Now that we have accomplished the most difficult part, we assemble the fan completely, by tightening the canopy with the ceiling plate, first with its natural rotation and then with the respective screws. Then we finally assemble the blades, which fit perfectly into the fan in all Hunter models.

There may be certain extra steps if we have a Hunter ceiling fan flush mount, but surely nothing to be worried about if you were able to get this far. Also, in these cases, there should be a manual to guide you through.

Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting

Hunter Ceiling Fans Installation
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Hunter Ceiling Fans Installation
Hunter Ceiling Fans Installation
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